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It's hard to make money. You need to have a VERY good show, good content, promote and cross promote, and be consistent. You aren't a hot girl I'm guessing, and you aren't a pro gamer. Twitch is also mostly for games, so your audience will be even smaller to start with.

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This sounds like a youtube thing, not a twitch thing. Twitch is for streaming yourself playing a video game or working on a hobby.

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They do shows now. I saw a fucking live feed of a radio show the other day. Twitch will die by trying to be YouTube.

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its where all the youtube reffugees are fleeing

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They're owned by amazon. They aren't going anywhere.

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twitch doesn't allow you to have fun anymore. you cant show cleavage, you cant say nigger, and you cant play any spicy games

be prepared to wear a normie af mask of behavior

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Let's see some of your work

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I heard twitch has new policies where they will retroactively ban you for shit you or your audience do on twitch OR OTHER WEBSITES. But i don't know how they've really been enforcing that. Just be aware your channel can be banned at any time and it will be well within the scope of violating their ToS.

That said i want to watch your show.

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I watch people who do it. Look up the Turd Flinging Monkey Show. Warski Live is on YouTube but same principle.

Streamlabs OBS is your friend, read paid superchats out loud, you can use Google Hangouts for video across the web, and most of all just have fun.

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