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Don't quote me because I might be talking out of my ass.

A parking lot is private property and wouldn't require a license any more than driving in your own yard would. Permission would probably be required from the owner of said property.

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Probably this.

OP should check state laws.

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Which would also mean all stop signs and other markings in the parking lot are optional?

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I know someone who got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign at the mall. I would say 90% sure it was mall property and yet still open to ticketing.

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Need a lawyer here to actually answer. I usually ignore them in parking lots and watch the people instead.

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I learned to drive in a parking lot but, I had a learner's permit. Have them get a permit and then teach them to drive anywhere.

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Parking lots are a shit place to learn to drive. Take them to a housing estate that's just had the roads put in where there's no construction currently going on. Not only will it provide real world experience the chances of getting caught or hitting anything are slim to none as well.

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If they don't get caught.

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It is probably illegal. Stop signs in parking lots are legally enforceable. It's both a public and private property, like the store itself. Because they allow public access, the driving laws are probably enforceable.

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I’m going to go with this. Because other members of the public have access and there are public laws applied already..

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One of my only moving violations was not stopping in a parking lot, so I know that much is true. Meh... It was like 1975 and $25.

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Depends on the parking lot. Probably still illegal. Ask a cop they'll tell you. Better to find some private property and let them go nuts.

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WARNING: The law on this can vary from state to state. No one here is a lawyer, so don't take their advice blindly.

I'd have to opine that you should consider driving in an empty parking lot without a license might be illegal... But you'd be unlikely to get dinged for it. Assuming there's no interaction with other cars.

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No one here is a lawyer,

I'm a part time lawyer, stockbroker, medical advisor, teacher, presidential aid and a mechanic

You can trust me.

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Parking lots are horrible, take them to the race track!


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