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No, which is the reason I support IBOR, or the Internet Bill of Rights.

We need signatures

Sign this shit goats!!

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No I think it's a lie. But I know for sure that there are large databases of companies from all countries where specialists daily collect the updated information about companies, their activities and people who are connected with them. For example, datapo. It's the largest database, I use it in my work when I need to check our counterparties and reduce the risks of cooperation.

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If you know everything about me except my name and address, you can find my fucking name and address.

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Do you believe you're anonymous to them?

Not even the slightest chance.

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No, even if they were sincere there can be software bugs, rogue employees or hackers who de-anonymise anyway.

More importantly, if they fail to keep their word I have no practical recourse. They'd basically get away with it.

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They sell off your data profile to a 3rd party data broker. These grey area brokers sell to the highest bidder, no matter who they are. These profiles are bid on by demographic usually; race, AGE, job, location etc

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Its not anonymous. They want the information to determine how to get the most money from the most people... To do so, they have to determine what people and how much money for what reason.

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Not likely, but what company are we talking about?