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Here in America we used to do a thing call "lynching"... It was super effective as a deterrent.

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This hypothetical country would be just like Baltimore or Chicago.

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the day of the rope

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What your propose is the "broken windows" issue. I hope you're right, we need to crash the Nigger loving states (UK, Germany, France, Spain to an extent, US NIGGER LOVING A).

The nigger can only survive by hoovering up gibsmedat, no gibs no nigs.

Also, the law isn't enforced in the UK already - 1000s of Paki bastards casually rape my people with impunity whilst Marxist Nigger worshipping coppers join in or less likely turn a blind eye alone. With anarchy Nigs and Paki's would be gone in a year. Like rats, they will move to another place to suck up all the resources and destroy social/cultural structure.

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Somalia is what would happen.

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It'd be like Brazil.

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Society would fall apart within a matter of weeks. The whole nation would fall completely apart in a few months, then it's every man for himself.

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