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I feel that local and family owned restaurants offer the best food - fresh, taste, (more healthy), and unique menu items. I don't mind paying a slight premium.

The chains have a place in our lives more for convenience. I don't expect quality.

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I worked in restaurants for most of my professional life. I've worked in everything from a food-truck to multiple triple star rated fine dining venues.

That being the case, I've got to say: This, while it does echo the feelings of voat, and it's very "down-home adorable", is largely just not true.

Just because a restaurant is family owned doesn't mean it's worth a shit, and just because one is corporate owned doesn't mean it holds bad or evil practices. I've seen WAY more questionable shit go down in small kitchens than would EVER EVEN BE CONSIDERED TO BE PERMITTED in a corporate kitchen.

Seriously. For example: I was told by the owner of a local family restaurant (I was exec chef) to go ahead and serve some far-out oysters one day. I would have been STRAIGHT UP FIRED for doing such a thing in other places I worked. I refused to do them out of concern for people who might be eating the food I was making, and I tossed that shit straight in the dumpster right before his eyes, but the fact remains that I was asked to serve it.

To those who are hard-line touting "a small kitchen wins every time"....well....that's cute, and very quaint of you to think so.....but in almost every way, you are statistically wrong.

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My time working in a corporate/industrial kitchen has given me a lot of insight into how bad things can be in places that aren't corporate run.

None of our stuff is old. None is re-served unless for a special diet for a specific client. Everything is fairly fresh. The worst is just frozen.

Honestly, I love eating the food where I work.

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Absolutely agree, I've been to a bunch of old family restaurants and they're mostly garbage. I can tell they got sloppy and lazy.

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I value and appreciate your informed opinion. Thank you for sharing.

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Ive been burned too many times from ma and pa. Small portions, over priced, SHIT HOURS.

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And sometimes those fuckers never learned proper sanitation. Got sick a few too many times!

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It's called trial and error. Small portions aren't a bad thing. Overall most Americans need to consume much smaller portions. Quality is what matters.

These aren't chain restaurants. Each one is different and operates differently.

If you find one you dislike then try another one. The food is usually better at ma and pa restaurants, but you don't always end up with a good one. If you're not a fatty who lives to eat instead of eats to live then only being out one meal isn't really that big of a deal. Just don't go there again.

The absolute best though is to make your own food. Youll save money, feel better, and have better control of what you put in your body.

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I totally agree. Family owned restaurants and holes in the wall are superior in quality and execution compared to all fast food and fast casual dining. Sadly my area is declining in family owned restaurants as they are being pushed out by chain stores and other restaurants that put stupid tchotchkes on the wall for "atmosphere". The few places left that have been around a long time are starting to suffer though as they convert over to packaged Sysco food that is cheaper than making it from scratch. I miss the days of a good family diner where you could get a great meal at a fair price and have a nice chat with the staff that know you by name.

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Those places still exist, but they are much rarer. Start by not going to the chains. :)

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We need to open one!

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Not all family restaurants are created equal. They also aren't shit like the ones from the 60's, 70's and 80's as far as good tasting food.

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Depends on the town. Towns in Oklahoma and Texas, all the family owned places were the shit. In Michigan and Ohio...not so much. I imagine California has great food too.

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Remember Michigan and Ohio are the sweaty taint of the country

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Chilis. Used to eat there a lot in the 90s. Can't stand them now.

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All those popular-in-the-90's-American-food-with-a-twist kinda places taste gross to me nowadays. I always wondered if it was my tastebuds changing(in my 30's now) or they just declined in quality.

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All those chains seem like they got too comfortable and too greedy. 25 years ago, the food was really good. Now, it all tastes like frozen, heated in a microwave nastiness.

I used to eat out all the time. Now, I cook for myself. Not to save money, but because I want to eat food that doesn't taste like shit.

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I think these chains get big and then the accountants take over and try to figure out how to make more money and they cheapen up the menu. Macaroni Grill did the same thing. Olive Garden did as well, but they seem to have gotten back to basics. Last time to Olive Garden, the food was excellent as well as the service.

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Doesn't seem to have changed to me. Might just be my location. What did you eat that isn't right anymore?

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Well they changed the menu some time back. They used to have a really good chicken fried steak and chicken soft tacos. They don't have those items anymore. I don't like the new menu. So?

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Opposite for me. I think they have tightened up the last dlfew years. Decent $7 lunch specials.

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They're almost like pretend restaurants for people who want to get into eating out, and places that space aliens visit to get a run-of-the-mill restaurant experience when they're visiting earth, but just wanna dip their toes in the water.

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All of them, they're all staffed by 85iq groids now.

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Yep, that'll turn me right around at the door. Last one I saw was a niggress digging at its weave for 15s with a gloved finger.

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Yup. I will go 15 minutes out of my way to avoid the groid.groceries ,gas etc.

I only got to local bars to stay in the loop and bullshit with the managers and keep up with who is doing what.

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Jesus christ. "Nigress" is an extremely offensive term. They prefer to go by the more gender neutral "nigger" these days.

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Taco Bell is a perfect example of this. They used to hire whites, sometimes Mexicans, who'd stay there for years. Food was amazing. Few years ago, all you saw were shitty, drug-addicted homies and trailer trash working there. The lifers were gone. Had a friend who'd been working there for 23 years. I could just tell he wanted out. They were doing great things there, and now they're basically like McDonald's, running on corporate fumes until everything is repoed.

Wendy's was ok too, then they went the same way 10 years back.

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It's the ingredients brotha. Taco bell used to be tasty af, now I wouldn't eat it if I had the alcohol munchies. As far as Wendy's, you remember about a decade ago when you'd go into one and it smelled like beef cooking? Why don't it smell like that anymore?

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Fuck that wendy's where I live is still amazing. Love wendy's.

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Taco Bell used to be great, but it's gotten super expensive and they've forgotten how to innovate. They have so many competitors that are about to clean their clock. Just go to Texas, California or Vegas. They're fucked.

McDonald's- I don't need to explain.

Outback- Total shit now. Used to be awesome in the 90s.

Subway- They're asleep at the wheel, surviving in podunk towns that have no competition.I seriously was in one a few years ago like that.

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Outback turned into complete shit. I got a sandwich and they didn't even take it out of the parchment paper when serving.

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I used to work as a manager at outback. When I started there, every single thing was made fresh from scratch - sauces, salad dressings, desserts, everything. By the time I left almost all of that stuff was coming in premade and terrible by comparison.

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They used to prep during the day I believe for dinner service. Then they turned into an all-day joint and stopped giving a shit about the food. It's sad.

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Outback got two chances from me due to them being good years ago. Both times they failed me miserably. Never going back.

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I remember one time at Outback, over 10 years ago at this point, probably closer to 15, that I saw them cleaning the wine glasses with Windex. I never get wine at chain places, but since then I've only ever gone to outback when everyone else wanted to go.

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Taco Bell




You eat like a nigger. Have some self-respect.

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What the fuck...get a brain operation man, yours is malfunctioning. You keep repeating the word "nigger" over and over again...

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I'm confused, none of those restaurants are known for their deep fried chicken?

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Yeah no shit!! What kind of nigger faggot goes to those places regularly enough to notice a drop in quality? Top kek!

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When I started compiling my list, quickly realized that all the chains have declined in quality. Portions are smaller, meat quality not as good. Then you are now required to self order and pour your own drinks. They are shifting labor to you! Next, they'll be having you cook your order!

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I used to own a couple of chain restaurants. It opened my eyes. Unfortunately most of your customers will go elsewhere to save a buck. It's a race to the bottom.

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The types of customers in chain restaurants looking to save a buck are a good reason to avoid them. It's not that the independent joints can't be shit but when you have security guards in these places because of all the shit retards cause I'd rather stay away. The rural diner trope is pure propaganda, the places are just full of fat retards and drug addicts. Best just to get take out from the 4-5 star joint to eat in your hotel.

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New chains will replace most of their labor with kiosks and robotics, and redirect their costs to ingredients. They will flatten half the current chains before the remaining ones follow suit.

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redirect their costs to ingredients

Doubtful. They will redirect the cost savings to the CEO's wallet.

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Customer service took a massive shit after 911.

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I can never get anyone to serve me after they've called 911.

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Especially American Airlines. The flight attendants have a stick up their ass there. I guess United does too. I think you need to be ex-MMA to get a job there now.

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Applebee's in particular. A lot of their food comes prepackaged, so if you have allergies, you're shit out of luck. Even if you don't have allergies, some places will fight you on being able to remove ingredients you don't like.

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Twenty years ago Applebee's was better. Now it seems like for the past twenty years it is predominantly a place for black people...not that I have been there in years.

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Can't imagine what that place is like now with the dollar cocktails and drink specials. Hell no.

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It might just just be my local one, but Applebees actually improved quite a bit recently. They were total garbage, and now they're passable.

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Obama ruined Wendy’s french fries. They used to be fucking awesome. Now they fucking suck. Thanks obama

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That fucker ruined everything he touched....

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Then how did Michelle get ruined?

[–] bagano1 [S] 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

??? How? Wendy's has never had good fries, IMO. I wish they'd change them again from that sea salt trash.

[–] Maroonsaint 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

Cause obama started bitching about salt because of a bogus study that got a lot of attention. Then Wendy’s cut back on their salt

[–] Gottmituns 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Their burgers did get better though. Which is what really matters.

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