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20 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I would tell myself "forget the army, healthcare is 90% women, join a volunteer ambulance group. start working in a hospital, go to school for nursing, then apply to med school, your penis will thank you."

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Go back in time to get pussy?

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To alter the course of my life so as to have spent decades in an industry I truly enjoy as opposed to wasting my 20s in an all male unit, and yes, to get loads of pussy. Not just pussy though, nurses are awesome, they all have jobs and you have to have your shit together to a fairly large degree to be a nurse.

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Honestly this is the best idea, fuck risking any world ending paradoxes..i just wanna get more pussy and not get married so fuckin young

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But you have to take care of of fat, disgusting, sick people for 8 hours a day.

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I'd travel to 1770 and use my knowledge of American history to silently and systematically assassinate all the key players in advocating for Blacks to be counted as 3/5ths a person in calculating the # of House members a State gets, while lobbying a hard as I can to ban the practice of slavery and favor buying out and returning all non-whites to native lands. I think the men of that age would be more keen to accepting the argument that allowing low iq shitskins to set foot on our land will cause them to breed like rabbits, and good men of moral chracter would find it more difficult to purge a humanoid pest than a non-humoind pest, creating a problem that only gets worse with time.

We want our lower IQ whites to do low skill low pay manual labor as it will keep them out of trouble and keep our racial/economic/social fabric intact. Planting the seeds of ending slavery due to racial hegemony within our territory would change the course of history in a more natural and organic way, benefiting all races except the pedophile death cult of Jews - and to this day, it still would.

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Just travel back to 1600 or so with a division of US Marines and wipe out the Muslims, Jews, and Ashanti running the ports and slaving operations in West Africa. Eliminate the Atlantic slave trade at its inception and source, then the US colonists could figure out how to farm cotton themselves without slaves.

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You would most likely die of tropical diseases as soon as your medicine runs out. Only in the 1870s did we have the medicine to make prolonged habitation of sub-saharan Africa viable for whites.

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If taking a fucking division of marines is an option, id go back to the 1st through the third century and sack Babylon, destoyting Judaism forever. The Jews that aren't there will be as threatening as gypsies. Neither Spain nor Constantinople fall so Moslems are contained in the middle East, blacks stay in Africa, and China just keeps infighting. Easy peasy.

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Free the slaves, save the Whites. I like it!

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Your plan would need to include the isolation and defeat of jews. As they were complicit in slave commerce.

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Or or or... enact legislation to get them all castrated.

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Go back to 2008. Quit job held at the time. Cash out 401k (seven figures after the tax hit). Buy 10 million Bitcoin at .0001 cents a piece. Live off the remainder comfortably surfing the globe in a good sized boat until 2016. Cash out the entire 10 million at the $1,800 bitcoin high and use it to bet on Trump winning the election when the odds were 100:1. Once Trump wins, collect a few billion in profit, promptly dump it all back into Bitcoin when Bitcoin corrected down to $250, ride that out until Bitcoin rose to $20,000 - liquidate.

I would be the richest person on the planet, and would then proceed to use my winnings to destroy the Jew bankers and replace the world FIAT system with Lincoln's Greenback. We'd be StarTrek within 100 years.

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This man has learned how to think big.

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No he learned to be a kike and profit for self gains.

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You know you would ruin the market this way right?

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Having spent years trading, I predict I could appropriately stagger the transactions across over 100 different coins - I used Bitcoin for the sake of simplicity for the discussion.

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If I ever find a time machine I'm calling you up.

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dump it all back into Bitcoin when Bitcoin corrected down to $250, ride that out until Bitcoin rose to... ???

We're there again now, did you buy in at the new low?

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You're asking me to answer a question with an uncertain future when I've made a statement based on a known past?

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I would go back to the moment before the evolution of the first sentient life, and I would destroy that life.

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Goddamn woman. Margaret Sanger ain't got shit on you.

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You know me. You know it's from a place of love.

Yours is good too, though. ♡

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Probably the most retarded (and surprisingly common for some reason) sentiment on the internet.

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If it's common, perhaps it's worthy of some consideration. Its extremely unlikely any retard would have such a thought.

Pessimism and nihilism aren't retarded.

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The world would just get overrun with sentient squids a few million years later.

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100% true, but I'm morally obligated to try. :/

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Cuttlefish ftw

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You monster!

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I'm a angel AND a princess.

And a monster. Like everyone.

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It'll happen again. don't worry.

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except it says you can't come back ...

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He means take the AA knowledge with him back to 1929.

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Win their minds type.

I like it.

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Praise Ford

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You could bring technology capable of recreating the internet to the turn of the century. If the people of England, America, and France knew what was going on, they would have had a global revolution.

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The only reason this idea would work today is that the world is covered in undersea cables and communications satellites, making it nearly impossible to shut off the flow of information from a large reason. Back in the early twentieth century, there were only a handful of cables that were easily cut - which is exactly what the Brits did.

And then there's the fact that you'd have to bring foundational technology back at least forty years prior if you wanted any personal internet at all; it takes a lot of very modern infrastructure just to etch a single chip in a modern PC, none of which was available until the seventies at the earliest.

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I'd go back to 2008 and by as much bit coin as I possibly could. I love the Internet far too much to leave it.

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Go back further and prep to mine the btc.

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That's too technical and I'm not that smart

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During the time of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, I would improve metallurgy and mechanics in Britain's North American colonies to the point where combine harvesters were a viable thing, them proceed to corner the market on cotton.

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Eradication of the need for niggers?

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If there's no need for their cheap labor, there's no need to import them!

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1913 I would plant a large bomb on Jeckyl Island.

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I would prevent the creation of the Federal Reserve, which prevents the jews from gaining an economic stranglehold on the US, prevents our entry into WWI, possibly preventing WWII from ever happening...

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Can you explain this in further detail?

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He's killing the federal reserve at a key point with all the major players on that island having a duck hunt.

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