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i did not believe this first, i thought it was alt right propaganda but for hundreds, thousands of years they have been kicked out of countries. Their history is interesting but it is also stupid endless cycle like Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. Even as recently as 2014 they were thrown out of a country called Guatemala for being involved in smut, trafficking slave trade and drugs running. Even in some far away Latino South American jungles, they know that (((they))) those religion types bite the foreskin off babies, general Hollyweird degeneracy porn movie making, subversion religiously lunacy and general child abuse. The fundamentalist Jews are perhaps a less obvious, less extreme version of the invader mohammed worshiping Arab but they are still extremists. They are involved not just in religion or banks but often involved in Weird shit. The Jews for times in history were valued, most citizens of states were stupid and kings need guys to write down script for what some Emperor said or stack a King's coin counting them coins. The modern age of education and free info and education on the internet has changed all this elite religious educated types. Most citizens of nations are educated and these israeli religion type are no longer as valued which is why they, these globalist type now heavily invest in media propaganda telling the USA or Europe to support the next war for israel. The Judean israelite their overseas diaspora were once heavily prized and valued because as a people they could write down texts, the Jew types educated themselves while the rest of the world had little education, serfdom and peasantry...Jewish were good number crunchers and could count coin. However through the entire of history they were also know for being politically troublesome, there is also something perverted, extreme and almost parasitic in Jewish culture, leeching off cultures. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been thrown out of many many kingdoms, states and cast out of many nations in history.

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Its almost as if people just generally dont like ugly, hateful, thieving perverts.

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You stupid fuknNeanderthal, one thing is for sure, the [ugly, hateful, thieving perverts] Jews you reference are not getting kicked out of any nation which they clearly hath taken control of.

Yep. Like they are doing this nation, the USA, which our Caucasoid forefathers stole from the Indians.

Your candyASS now just whines, each day, as you let the Jews take your shit and dare you to do something about it.

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Homie just so you're aware, the alt-right is fake. The alt-right is just regular conservatives who are concerned about their country and their family's wellbeing.

We have been branded with this Jewish label in order to indirectly encourage others to Brigade us and attack us for our own political belief.

The fact that you can claim someone is alt-right but not alt-left clearly means that it is nothing but prejudice psyop against conservatives.

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At first I thought u were an idiot then I kept reading and you are absolutely correct.. the left has moved so far left it is not recognizable.. I was considered liberal during Bush Jr presidency.. I have not changed one political or ideological thought and now I am considered an alt right bigot madman by my friends who are sheeple.

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I'm a fucking Nazi. Gas the kikes, race war now.

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I thought alt-right was a term they used because they were disgusted with establishment right wing globalist politicians, of course the jews convinced everyone that nazis were bad, and that nazis were the furthest thing on the right, and thats where alt right sat, then whenever right wingers were accused of being alt-right nazis, they would distance themselves from being "literally hitler" and say they werent "that far right". Jews used sleazy tactics to drive a wedge between the right and alt-right.

Its not that its a nasty label used by kikes to dehumanize us, its just that they took our own label to dehumanize us. At least thats what i thought it was... Anyway, everyone in my life is woke, i tell my mother in law that the holohoax was a lie whenever she starts crying about the poor jew, her grizzly hardass husband agrees with me, being redpilling my mum, all my uncles are on board, just recently been redpilling my cousin, redpilled all my siblings, tried to redpill my aunty but she was already woke as fuck.

Not many people left to redpill. have a few left but they are super pro-israel and just a little daft.

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Language is a Jewish construct.

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The Jews are like God's ex-girlfriend; He loved her at one time, but He kept catching her with her mouth wrapped around other goy's cocks.

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The Bible really explains the issues with today's "Jew"

Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

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It's important to note that all of these expulsions are AD. From a Christian perspective this makes perfect sense. After the whole Jesus thing happened, they went into exile, practiced Jewish mysticism, wrote the Talmud, started worshipping Satan as the "bringer of light" and "intellect", occultism. Jesus told us that this would happen. It is written. The Old Testament talks about it as well, prophecy from Isaiah talking about the end of days. It perfectly describes the Jews today who were transformed into murderers obsessed with wealth who all the other countries view with disdain.

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You want to know a damned coincidence? The Talmud was written around the same time Muhammad lived.

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On the contrary. All the expulsions that are well documented are AD because that's when people other than jews educated themselves enough to make the records. But they've been kicked out of countries since their inception. Take the exodus story for example. They weren't slaves fleeing a cruel master as they would have you believe. They were corrupt degenerate people who destroyed a culture and were run out of Egypt for it. It's the story of Akhenaten and his attempt at monotheism. The only pharaoh to be physically erased from history. His cartouche was chipped away, deleted, from the hall of kings. His followers and priests were rounded up and deported from Egypt for their degeneracy and crimes against the state. A task which took 40 years to fully root them out, this is where the 40 years of wandering the dessert is from.

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Do they in fact worship Satan? I keep hearing this but I really don't know what it means. Why would Satan (Lucifer) be considered the bringer of light when he is a fallen angel? What does it mean even to worship Satan?

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the bible isnt real, the torah isnt real, the quran isnt real, and jesus didnt tell you shit

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I'm of the mind that this will be the last time they are kicked out of anywhere, and I have the feeling their numbers will dwindle so much that they won't exist in a few generations.

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That would be the goal, but as history always repeats itself in part, they'll surface somewhere else to fuck up that society too.

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Maybe, but never before have we had the ability to spread info like we do now.

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There's always one cockroach that makes it out and starts anew.

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Jews don't have a future.

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Israel has a very high birthrate. I doubt that's true.

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In the Midwest, I see giant vasectomy billboards with a white couple and in the wanted ads in paper I find “Jewish egg donors needed”

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Well, I'm sure that'll be lovely when we knock their walls down, and invite their doctors, scientists, and astronauts in to join them.

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Israel's birthrate is inflated by the amount of Arab Muslims in the country; one of their arguments against a one-state peace solution is that within a few generations the Jews will be outbred to the point of oblivion

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Jews are alternately accepted and rejected throughout history. Generally you can determine how the economy/monetary system of the country is doing based on whether they are accepted or not. If the country needs an influx of funds or the economy is growing they will accept Jews even if they still restrict their movement. If the economy goes to shit and/or the government realizes that they owe the Jews too much money they will generally expel them. Take from that what you will.

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I remember when I was in global studies in high school, I asked "Why is it always the Jews? Why are they the ones that get blamed for everything?" The teacher got all mad and offended. I clarified that I wasn't asking why the Jews ruin everything, I was asking why they always get credit for it. She was not having it. I looked at my friend and he just shrugged. Nobody saw anything wrong with the question except for the teacher. She was not Jewish or a vocal lefty, though this was before everybody talked politics non stop.

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People do this all the time with many subjects they don't fully understand or have learned the "incorrect" way (not immoral, just wrong facts, resulting in cognitive dissonance).

As civilization was born of middle eastern desert religions, monotheistic in thought, the citizens act the same. They believe any "other gods" (god as an idea/concept/system) are not the the God and need to be destroyed. Even acknowledging another god's existence is validating something that's false, so a person won't even begin to address why the question is improper or wrong, they just shut it down and expect you to join in their worship of their one true God.

A polytheist, a pagan, views other gods as capable of being wrong and allowed to exist. So polytheism inherently is more tolerant of tough questions and questioning authority.

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I'd prefer ovens.

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Hell, I would settle for a toaster.

A giant, really big toaster.

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Can't we just march them into a volcano?

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They're just misunderstood :P

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Kikes, Niggers and Sand niggers... one in the same smut kikes

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Na. Niggers annoy us because the jew has weaponized them against us. Nigger are not our natural enemies

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Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

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KJV is a revisionist version of a revision ...

[–] 2calculated 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Kjv is the best translation. NIV is an incredibly satanic translation that most churches use these days. Not to mention the removed verses, obvious satanic mistranslations, NIV attempts to use gender neutral language and is favored by homo friendly churches. NIV is probably as bad as the book of Mormon (IE: book of moron ).

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Before you can correct the problem, you must first correctly identify it. The problem is not always as it may first appear.

The failure with all those previous generations was there was no Germ Theory of Disease. Today we have a better model to describe, predict, and most importantly, intercede with complex organism interactions- it comes to us from the Germ Theory of Disease.

Jews are a host vector, not the only one, of a societal parasite. There are many types of parasites, but broadly speaking the two main types are mutually beneficial symbiotic parasites such as lichens and host destroying parasites such as small pox. For the most part, the vast majority of parasites on the planet form mutually beneficial relationships with their hosts. Both host and parasite co-evolve to thrive and prosper together.

The rare exception actually is the host destroying parasite. Generally, these arise when a parasite jumps to a new host it did not co-evolve with. It becomes a tenuous survival strategy for both parasite and host for many generations if either survives at all. The host immune system constantly tries to destroy the parasite. The parasite is always on the verge of subsistence survival.

There is a better treatment plan than what has been proposed in the past.

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