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There are people in this world that perform blood rituals and consume children.

Pedophilia is entrenched in society and people have been ignoring it for years.

Families are under attack and white males are denigrated upon solely because of skin color.

WW3 has already started.

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What exactly do you mean by WW3?

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Pres. Kennedy was a 100% mob hit

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Not CIA?

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I did a write up on it a while back.


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Polish Presidential Plane in Smolensk was shotdown by a Russo-EU conspiracy in 2010

CIA supports globalism

the EU wishes to go through with its little experiment of a little "world government" to see how it will work out in Europe first, before going for the world.

China destabilizes the west by pressuring companies to support their country's destruction

There is a secret world organisation with huge sums of money. The US ís a central part of it.

The KGB planted its seeds and they are now bringing down the west

For a globalist's ideal world, any individualism shall be erased, including nations and families or just anything someone could identify with and group together.

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Vaccines are a scam.

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anti-vax is a scam

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  • CIA Controls the Media

  • Israel has total control over the Western World

  • MJ faked his death & is still alive

  • Reddit is run by SJW Bots & Corporate Shills

  • CIA Killed President Kennedy

  • Political Correctness is weaponization of Free Speech

  • Hollywood Child Pedophilia Rings

  • 9/11 was a inside Job by the CIA & US Government

  • Osama Bin Laden died in 2001-02

  • Celebrity rehab is just a front for MK Ultra Reprogramming

  • Mass Shootings are false flags by the Gov't

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Flat earth is simply basic dude. shouldn't even be considered a conspiracy and actually printed in schoolbooks., NASA my fucking ass.

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Globalism, JFK and Bill Clinton's sexcapades. KKK also being all democrats.

edit: Also it's on JFK's Wikipedia that he was fucking Marilyn Monroe

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The frogs are all turning gay, don't believe it go sit by a pond for 10 minutes you'll see gay frogs everywhere.

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