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Upvoat for the laugh!

Downvoat for the visual.

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Perfect summation of my same emotions

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Hillary Clinton sex tape

Bluech, those are words which should not be used in the same sentence.

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Plausible deniability or just creating evidence?

I'm not even defending her but those retards making the home made celeb porn are certainly working hard at making porn with people that don't do porn.

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What with her and Huma?

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Her, huma, and an underage girl

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I'm betting the real powerful tool was kept under wraps and this lesser version was leaked to make any accusation of video tampering less credible I remember seeing bits of it leaked ages ago and it was much better than what its being used for now. Its obvious the deepfake porn is faked so if some one wants to make an accusation against something that is a well done fake then the media can point to deepfake porn and say, its not a powerful enough tool to do the job.

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