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Yes. If they use the "I can't control my genetics" excuse, I'm using the "I don't want your trash DNA shitting up my children" excuse.

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I'm genetically inferior too. Somehow I can't eat 5000 calories a day without getting fat.

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Nah they are just flailing for excuses for their own lack of self control.

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I'm fat because I eat too much. I'm genetically inferior because I've inherited crap genes from a bunch of nutcases. Incidentally I'm white, which seems to be a big issue on this forum.

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Depends on who.

Some use it as a simple excuse and are generally mentally retarded. Some say that because they actually really got bad genes. Actually in the end everything is based on genes... But that would be rayicss

Btw, I can eat anything do anything... well as long as i dont overdo it, and I remain thin... Although I do rather avoid fat rich food.

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I don’t think fat people are looking at it from that perspective/viewpoint. I don’t think that even crosses their minds.

I think for the vast majority of the actual fats themselves they just latch onto the idea as a way of skirting any personal responsibility.

Most of the “fat activists” pushing these ideas (including HAES) are also rabid intersectional feminists so........

From what I’ve seen the thought process is more along the lines of the following:

If my obesity is due to genetics then I have no control over it just like I don’t get to decide my eye color, height, sex/gender, race, etc....etc... being obese is just part of who I am and it doesn’t matter what I do I will always be fat so might as well enjoy myself as I see fit.

Now they are in the Oppression Olympics and argue that “fatphobia is the new racism” and they are just like the homosexuals fighting against discrimination (and in their worldview sexual preference is something you are born with). They have been pushing or at least screeching for being granted special protections, etc...

Let me make it clear I am not agreeing with this. This is just what I have seen.

I have also seen it argued that the fact they are so fat yet still alive is actually proof of good genetics fighting against all odds in keeping them breathing and they are just too dumb to see things as they are.

I don’t know about that. It made me laugh anyway.

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On the contrary. They are expressing how much more efficiently they use the calories they ingest.

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Which as a survival mechanism is genetically superior. They could eat nothing for a month and potentially lose no lean mass. They can sustain greater caloric deficits for longer with fewer adverse effects. There is a theory of maximum energy transference that implies fat is amplitude and magnitude. So if you had 2 pounds of fat and ate nothing your body is able to pull more calories than from a single pound of fat despite sufficient calories for the day being present in both scenarios. It explains why initial weight loss is easy and becomes more difficult with time.

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Yes, it shows they have a lack of self reflection and self control.

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