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If you handle yourself well you don't. Learn to do without excess and a lot of doors open for you.

I don't use any product that shames me or promotes women over men (or vice versa)

I don't let anyone in my life that believes that shit. I've cut a lot of people out but you'd be surprised how much better life is when you don't deal with worthless people.

Show confidence in yourself and be strong. People react to that.

Most of all, don't let any women in your life that believes all the shit the media pushes or tries to treat you less than she is. Drop her like a hot coal. I could write a book on the warning signs when meeting women but that's another post.

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Every. Single. Time.

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I knew I had a target on my back as a male, but visiting other countries showed how large the target is. Most of what you listed is subliminal in delivery or just flat out misdirection.

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Because feminists and niggers wanted more than equality, they wanted to be the ruling side of things. I'm tired of worshiping them, hope either actual equality exists or things go back to the way of the 50's. Ewwww, get that minority cock out of my mouth and the 300 pound femi-nazi. >w<

The fall of it all is likely what's causing our low birth rate, well aside from the large influx in ''population'' thanks to imported voters from the left. Their little pawns keep reproducing and taking from the cuckold welfare state.

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Because you let it get that way.

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Men threaten the hegemony of tyrants.

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The commies have been attacking America through its men and women for decades.

They've focused on using the educational and judicial systems, and if we don't push back they deserve to win because were a bunch of pussies.

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