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Anytime something becomes popular and has a userbase, it gets exploited if it wasn't already. Digg wasn't horrid at first. Neither was reddit. Myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin, @ExpertShitposter's mom's bedroom..

Eventually, shit that seemed awesome at first gets way too much traffic and assholes realize that they have an audience and platform that they can fuck up. At first, it was just manipulate for advertising dollars but nowadays propaganda seems to bring in a prettier, shinier penny.

Maybe some of those were gay when they started, but they didn't get really malicious until later it seems anyways...

Still, SOMEONES mamma was a little gung-ho and I should've known better when I saw her neon headboard.. Live and learn. https://kek.gg/i/3tdF-F.jpg

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I wish to have a myspace page. I would make it the ugliest, most cancerous looking page ever. People would get cancer if they spend too much time on my page.

Describe to me your appearance so i may draw you in MsPaint when i have time.

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What's you username on Myspace? Do more people use it than the Newgrounds comment section?

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This. It went from being about the lulz to being all about the money, therefore the eyeballs and feels. Started about 8 years ago, completed with the Paocopalypse.

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Not just money, but power and control of the narrative.

There are still some content generators on there, but anytime a sub gets very popular, stupid SJW vibes start getting inserted. Heh.. But really, I used to like some of even subs that just had regular people stories and then it was just so much bullshit even in the fucking simple revenge stories or justice served subs. Just sucked out all of the fun and was too annoying to filter through to read legit content.

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that was pretty amazing. you get a hearty "oh snap" from me.

oh snap.

okay, back to work, everyone!

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What happened to @ExpertShitPoster's mom's bedroom? Did a reddit power mod imitation @maxcactus tear it up and pretend like they're the king of the world just because they have the authority over a million redditards who were having a panty raid in @ExpertShitPoster's mom's room?

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Just .. you know, you miss a few pimento cheese sandwiches, then next time you get kinda hassled when you go down the hallway by some weird feller, a hat or two goes missin, a rash develops.. Next thing ya know, she doesn't even have a name and you get a tan from the neons on yer back. I tried a rendition of Roxanne on her, but.. last I heard that neon light was still shinin bright. Ain't red, but pink like her.. lipstick.


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No. In 08 it was Ron Paul territory until about '12.

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Way back, Something Awful staged a 'raid' on reddit. They created a sub (after subs became a thing) called /r/ShitRedditSays, to troll reddit by either being or pretending to be early versions of SJWs. "They're being racist!" and etc. The cancer took root and spread. Now there's also r/AgainstHateSubreddits (particularly bad), and a host of others.There were other cancers too, but that was one of the first and most virulent.

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they were probably there all along, but you didnt notice til they started kicking non-evil non-retarded people out.

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Because mellinials are narcissistic by nature.

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Can they spell though?

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At least some of it is false flagging. Shills will post vitriolic shit to scare away new users.

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What are some examples of evil people on reddit. Gibs me stories.

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How do you define 'evil people' on the internet? The r/spacedicks people, or the r/AgainstHateSubreddits types? There are a number of "reddit drama / reddit history" subs over that are full of that stuff.

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The space dicks thing was just gay shitposters? Plenty of those on voat too. @wtfeva for example. He is gay. He is actually the owner of pulse nite club.

And the SJW's and communists....shitty people they are for sure but not necessarily evil. Just weak and delusional. I mean they still must be killed but we will not write "evil" on their tombstones.

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Nope, the commies were limited to /r/politics, power mod cliques and /r/ShitRedditSays, with CTR and CIA shilling, the cancer has spread.

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