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Kikes. They have came out of hiding.

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Do you have a moment to talk about the jews

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The movie business has always been based on nepotism, blow jobs and back stabbing to get work in an extremely competitive business. So only the most debased whorish opportunistic women and men stay in it. During 8 years of Obama, they saw that hating whites, traditional families, patriotism, democracy and capitalism was popular so they jumped on the bandwagon in hopes of gaining an audience and being part of the liberal Jewish Hollywood elite. Now they are scared and confused because the country has turned right. They hope that being even more liberal will keep their fame. In the next few years, they will realize that being less liberal is more popular and will turn that direction, not out of conviction but out of desperation.

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All leftist owned organisations are choosing politics over money. They are anti-american, dying, and know it. Otherwise they'd keep earning fabulous amounts of money and carry on. But that's just not good enough.

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They're retarded...

Basically they live inside a very small bubble, so they only know what happens inside that small bubble. So to them, the worst things that have happened in that bubble are the worst things in existence. Plus they project their shit onto everyone else. They are privilege, entitled, pedophiles, drugged out white people who treat everyone else like shit... So they naturally assume everyone else is that way too.

America has the worst history... Because it's the only one they know.

White people are the worst, because they are the only ones they know.

Men are the worst, because they've all had to suck Weinstein's dick.

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(((White people)))

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The lines are drawn. They are not worried about money. Their objective is to radicalize the "people " that still watch movies