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You joke, but check this shit out. Look at the cast. Spoiler: Ann Frank is a hapa and half the cast is black:


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Wow. She actually still looks pretty jewish in the play with the costume on.

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They should make all the "Nazis" in this Jewish actors.

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Fiddler on the roof must be remade with all nigra actors oy to the vey

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Give it time. Eventually 'we wuz jewz' will happen

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already happening. There's an afro-american original israelite movement that claims something like ashkenazi being imposters and original jews being black

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Considering "diversity" just means non-white and the fact that Jews pretend to be "white" I would go out on a limb here and say no.

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You just gave them the idea.

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Black male and white female NAZIs. White male Jews. Because we don't even notice race and gender, right?

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Jewishness is a religion not a race so if one is ethnically negro that can be born in Israel and be Jew ethnicity race national we're all the same and equal marixism