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Iraq. Northern Iraq, specifically. About a foot deep of garbage in all directions. Whole place smelled like an outhouse that the owners neglected all summer. Oil refineries burning whatever the fuck it was they didn't want. No vegetation anywhere. The one cow I saw was eating a tarp. Like you would cover a boat with. Couple weeks later, saw it again but the tarp was much smaller. Absolute shithole. The durka-durkas would pull over, pull up their man dress, squat, shit, then walk to their cars again. Zero hygiene involved.

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Came here to say this, Iraq is hands down the shittiest place I've ever seen, been to third-world countries in South and Central America and Asia but nothing compares. What you say about hygiene is true, the denizens live in absolute squalor. The stench of an Iraqi home is unreal.

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Jews are known to be just as nasty. Read Pattons description.

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FUUUUUUUCKK. No worries though dude, they've "migrated" to Paris and London.

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And the USA.

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Reminds me of Afghanistan. Turkey as a close second.

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Seems to be a trend: shitskin people create shithole countries. Who would have thought.

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I can attest to this, in 2007 in Kirkuk a rumor spread that we where going to repatriate the city to the Kurds. It was a false rumor. The Arabs took a break from launching rockets and mortars at each other and us. So that they could burn trash and tires in the homes they believed would be taken from them.

Ironic that they ruined there own homes over a rumor.

Dogs would roam wild and take the slowest weakest children in the gangs of youth that seemed to be all over the city.

Place smelled like death and feces.

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No wonder, after what the zog US gov and the british kikes did to them. Taking out Saddam was Israel's plan.

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Kirkuk sucked. They actually went three days in a row without mortaring us once. Then they decided they didn't like just looking at them but would rather lob them over the walls again.

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Place smelled like death and feces.

Death smells like feces.

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I lived near a "canal" in Delhi.

The "canal" was a river of pure human excrement. People lived on the banks of this "canal". People were born there. People died there. I'm sure some lived their entire lives there.

I've been to some really bad American ghettos, where violence was commonplace.

But nobody had to live by a river of shit.

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My impression of India: Whether visible or not, everything there is covered in a layer of shit.

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The only reason they didn't live by a river of shit is because Europeans built civilization for them.

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Never go to 8chan then

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Never go to masterchan

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San Francisco

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I’ve heard it’s full of drug addicts and it smells like piss

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First day there solo I saw poop smeared on a public map. Pretty much sums it up.

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The main thing that got me was the combination of extreme wealth AND piss scented glitterized sidewalks.

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South Texas. It should be renamed north east Mexico because that's what it is, full of taco niggers and garbage.

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Half the buildings in Brownsville look like there made of cardboard. So many illegals there it has one of the highest welfare rates in the country

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Not only Brownsville, every single town in the Rio Grande Valley. That area is largely democrat and there is a high amount of sex, property, and corruption crimes. Corruption is considered big news over there. I’m so glad I moved out from that shithole.

Not only welfare, but EBT, food stamps, and medicare. I can’t recount how many times I had to turn single taco nigger mothers away while working at Stripes. They would use food stamps to buy beer or food that is completely unhealthy for their offspring and not allowed on the list. The DMV and the Social Sec building are the most crowded buildings with taco niggers.

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Edit: I'm serious, outside of the tourist attractions its a shithole

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Is it like Haiti level of bad or typical Latin American bad?

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I only went to one town outside of reservation so I can't say it speaks for entire country, but somewhere between those two sounds accurate

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In my own head. Seriously, it's fucked beyond repair I think.

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Came across some hard times, had to live in a shithole, pay by the week, motel for a few months.

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