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This last election cycle was the strangest that I have ever seen, A Blue-Dog Democrat, running as a Republican beat the tar out of a classic Neo-Con Republican Hawk running as a Democrat.

May you live in interesting times.

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For those who don't know, "May you live in interesting times" is an ancient phrase (Chinese in origin IIRC) which is a more eloquent way of saying "Hey guy, fuck you!"

Uninteresting times means peace and harmony. Interesting times means chaos and violence. So next time you have the urge to tell someone to fuck themselves, try that phrase instead. If they are uncultured, they'll just be confused and that should be amusing at least.

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How very interesting you are.

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I suspect he would not win the nomination.

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Oh right. I thought because hes the incumbant he would just get a by on te nomination.

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I don't know. The DACA's announced they are no longer Democrats and Trump is the only politician with a deal on the table. Millions of illegals in the US belonging to the Democrat party might vote for Trump. Oh Yeah, Bernie Sanders. I forgot that the Democrat party argued successfully in federal court that they are a private organization and are under no obligation to nominate the person that their members voted for as candidate. How can anyone think democrats represent the common man? BTW, Seth Rich was murdered.

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Oi vey! You all are still on about Mr rich? We all know he suicided himself with a double tap to the back of the head. I mean he was robbed, I mean

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He's already been running as a Republican.

He filed the paperwork the day of his inauguration.

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I'd consider him slightly more honest.

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Now do Hillary

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"I wouldn't fuck her with your dick!" - Bill Clinton

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He'd get fucked over and not given the nomination. Then "all the mothers would vote for Hillary cause she's a woman"

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Hillary won't run again.

Her time is over.

Mark my words.

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There's no rule saying she can't run again, and it is Her Turn(tm)

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I disagree. She will run again as the "underdog who had her chance stolen last time because of Russians" since this Russian obsession US mass media has will most likely outlast Trump's first term. She has the DNC, most news media, and many hefty foreign donors (including Russians) stuffed right up in her cavernous vagina. She will run again, and she will kill again to ensure her success.

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Democrat voters do not get to pick their candidate. Hillary will be your candidate. Sit down and shut up.

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Now they're grooming Chelsea for that

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Half the country voted Hillary because the DNC ensured they had no other choice.

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Keep that torch burnin brudda.

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head asplode

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