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Voat was abandoned by its payment processor so at this time it is not possible to buy an ad.

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For those looking for a very recent comment from Putt on the subject, he replied to @PeaceSeeker here :


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Voat's biggest problem is its developer's relative lack of experience.

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you faggots need to start taking crypto, you'll be flush with cash in no time

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Voat was never very aggressive about selling ads. Native ads are still blocked by Adblock Plus, which is completely easy to fix (I have done it for sites before.) I would imagine that the users of Voat are mostly from the core demographic using Adblock

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Are you planning on advertising your credit card payment processing company? If not, then probably not right now.

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Sure, what'd you like to advertise?

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Ill hook you up, paypal me 13¥

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Make a website. Put some interesting content on that website. Place your advertising also on that website. Reference it in v/whatever.


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