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I don't get how people can be brainwashed into wanting their own destruction. Makes me think that people can be made to believe literally anything

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I've come to realize it's not belief but simple competition. Convince enough people something is "good" and they'll compete. Liberals just want their peers to think they're the best and most just person that ever lived. They ignore reality and compete over niche nonsense that doesn't really make sense. It's why all those faggots on facebook and instagram post their lunch. What kind of arrogant asshole thinks anyone gives a shit about what you're eating? People competing. You can get people to compete over actual horse shit if you work out a way to assign imaginary value to it.

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And imaginary things can't be refuted because they're not based on fact. Drives me nuts. I really think it has a lot to do with all the meds people are on. All women are on meds and most men.

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I've never used those sites, and don't have friends on socialist media, but I don't mind seeing the occasional picture of attractive food. Particularly if it's something I could make but hadn't thought of, or it reminds me I have the ingredients. Not really interested in seeing some random persons meal just because, though.

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Makes me think

Well you shouldn't have to think very hard about it. Have you ever tried NLP on anyone, or something of the sort?

Let me tell you, you will only creep yourself out.

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What is NLP? Maybe I'm old, but I don't understand half the stuff people post because of all the acronyms.

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Yes, for years. It will change your perspective on humans.

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I was traveling abroad and hooked up with a girl whose father's a multi-millionaire. Right now, she's living in a ritzy part of a big city, in a large, 20th floor apartment, and attending a prestigious university. Oh, and the prep school she went to charges a higher annual tuition than Harvard. Obviously she isn't the one paying the bills.

It's truly surreal. You see these "trust fund kiddos" on TV, but to actually meet somebody whose monthly allowance (unearned income) dwarfs your yearly salary can be a rude awakening.

Of course I realize this is a necessary consequence of capitalism; we all want a better life for ourselves and our children, and in this case, her father clearly just wants to make sure his daughter gets the best education (and opportunities) possible. I accept that. But at the same time I'll never really understand what it's like.

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Pls tell more about the lifestyle, circumstance under which this happened, her demeanor about the whole situation, other general or specific observations

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It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience: I was accepted into a study abroad program, and so was she. We kinda hit it off, and she spent most nights in my hotel room. I picked up on the fact that she was wealthy almost immediately, but it didn't really hit home until we discussed our childhoods. I'm from a middle class family, so when she would casually mention her nannies, her hometown, and her prep school, I couldn't relate. She also travels around the world for fun, at the drop of a hat. I also love travel, but spend months saving enough for just the plane ticket.

However, I was able to treat her to dinner at a nice restaurant, and rented us a decent Airbnb; she seemed to appreciate both; or perhaps she was just pretending because she liked me. I'm not sure. Her demeanor is hard to pin down. Intelligent, sure. Honest to a fault. Entitled, and unabashed about using her familial wealth to get what she wants. Confident, I think, but deep down there's some personal issues. Kind, caring girl, but seldom lets her guard down. Kind of a bitch. Kind of a badass.

I suppose it's all a matter of perspective.

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Diamonds. They're overpriced sparkly rocks hocked by a bunch of jews with a monopoly on them that are kept artificially scarce to keep their price artificially high. Monkeys and birds seem to like useless shiny crap as well so there is probably some sort of biological element to this, but there is plenty of sparkly crap out there that doesn't have its price artificially inflated.

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Love those diamond sharpening stones though. We are going to need sharp knives in the years to come.

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its clear carbon, thats all it is.

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This is a good summary of what I’ve heard, improvement on diamonds in most optical dimensions. Enticing for sure.

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How Boats Float.

Look at this fucking thing!

And the hull is only about 30 feet below the water...that's the thing that gets me

[–] Beachstyle8 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Good one! Especially large ships that weigh thousands of tons

[–] Native 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

I don't know if you've ever seen a cruise ship it's basically the length of 2 floating football fields that are 200 feet high with just 30 feet underneath....the size is unreal

[–] glassuser 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

The displaced water weighs more.

But yeah, I'm with you. I can demonstrate it, I can describe it mathematically, but my brain just doesn't wrap all the way around it.

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lol. damn you 2 are retarded.

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How so? You've clearly never seen a cruise ship

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Women who wear a shit ton of makeup. I mean, it's your face, and if you wanna spackle on the contour, go for it. But...why? Especially if you're 19 years old and in the prime of your youthful beauty??

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Lite and for special occasions

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I wear makeup for special occasions but even then, it's never caked on. I no longer own any foundation - I like my skin visible rather than covered.

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"But, it's to cover up my bad complexion"

Um, ladies the reason why your skin is shit is because you are literally suffocating it or over washing it....

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Yeah, exactly! If they would focus on figuring out a solid skin care routine, they would probably find that they no longer felt the need to wear all that makeup. Ditto for weight loss - a lot of fat girls go crazy with the contouring to give their face the illusion of being something other than doughy and round. If they put the cake down and went for a walk, eventually they would find that their cheekbones resurfaced and contouring was no longer required.

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"Fake face", as I call it. Also, those contraptions they attach to their feet. WTF?

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the whole world at the moment. i have no choice but to accept it until im in a position to give it both middle fingers and tell it to fuck right off.

(Rant deleted) tl;dr stop fucking talking to me about 'personal responsibility' - whether thats at work, or in public, or at home. No cunt has it. No cunt bothers with it. Everything is literally everyone elses fault. And no cunt wants to work with you if you try and hold yourself to it. Ill believe in it when parents get hold to account for their kids, niggerdog owners get held to account for their mutts, 'its raining outside and theres no wet floor sign in the lobby' lawsuits (and litigation lawyers in general) are banned, and we stop the culture of 'im a victim and therefore im completely innocent' - if you brought it on yourself, even a tiny little bit, and even if the person who victimised you is really really wrong, youre not a fucking victim.

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I know that feel.

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I'd probably rather be a virgin than have sex with a fatty.

How do you get in to cocaine? I've never felt an urge to want to never shut up.

It's always astonished me that people like Tennis or Golf. What pathetic sports.

Finally, I accept the utility of proximity and such, but I'll never understand why someone would want to live in a big city.

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It's always astonished me that people like Tennis or Golf. What pathetic sports.

Most sports can not be played in old age, Tennis & Golf can. In high school, Basketball, Baseball, & Football might be more popular to play.....But when you are in your 50's, golf & tennis are more popular. Source: my dad plays tennis & golf

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I've played Frolf and absolutely love it! If I was rich I would play golf all the time as well.

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If you like the 'lift' coffee gives you, cocaine is like super coffee. Tennis and Golf seem deadly dull and pointless, but I accept that people are wired differently. People live in big cities because they hate themselves. Same for people who intentionally "go back to prison", since a big city resembles prison life in more ways than it's different.

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People in general

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