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She needed to sit at the front of the bus because she was a paid shit-disturber.

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I felt duped when I learned this years after elementary school. Now all leftist protests are paid for by Soros and his ilk, so you gotta know that >95% of these protests aren't "organic", whatever that means today.

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The Checke says who they are paid by.

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she paid her fare only to see the bus drive away before she could board

Wow, public transit has always been shit.

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The inception of the crisis actor?

[–] Whitemail 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

"gibsmedat commie cash," she said

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Sitting on somebody else's property isn't protected by the law of the land, either. The right to own and bear arms is supposed to be. But anti-"discrimination" law is enforced. The second amendment isn't. Bill Clinton gassedburned alive his own people. The law is abrogated.

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You don’t own property, you stupid fucking goy. All property is owned by the state.

[–] SusanHargrave 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago  (edited ago)

You mean using a publicly funded service isn't enforced or protected by the law? Ok. I will quit my job as a columnist, get a job as a bus driver and when I see you I will kick you off for being too white, oh and the obvious subtext of racism you probably use daily. By that logic it's also OK and proportional because someone can kick a black woman off a bus just because she's black. By that logic I could also be a postal worker and not deliver your mail just because I don't like you, because it's not required by law that you have that public service provided.

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There's that hateful liberalism we all know and love.

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Parks shouldn't have even been on the bus, the niggers should have been shipped back to Africa after the civil war.

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They were. Where do you think Liberia came from?

[–] SusanHargrave 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Liberia's actually doing pretty well at the moment. The Chinese made a huge investment into that country. They're actually building housing and creating jobs for people. That's where all that Chinese steel Americans are complaining about comes from. They're complaining because they can't compete, they're selling it for a good price and still making a good wage as well as profit.

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they were

Ah, that explains why they’re still here and that didn’t even remotely happen. Got it!


Came from before the war and was abandoned. Stop shitposting.

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Rosa Parks shouldn't be in the front of the bus. She shouldn't be in the back either.
Actually, she shouldn't be in the bus at all or any bus.

Or anywhere in america. The only thing niggers 'need' is a deportation back to africa.

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What do you need to fulfill your right & duty to overthrow a corrupt government? That's what we all need.

People don't frame this whole argument correctly. That's the reality of it. In a day & age where a dude just hit a target from 3 miles away, with cameras every ten feet, with national IDs/databases, with pain broadcasters, satellites, drones, robots, biowarfare, etc., we need a lot more than AR-15 & little .223 rounds.

They don't believe their pretense. They're just out to disarm us. Refuse.

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It isn't even about forming militias to overthrow a tyrannical government, that's the wrong frame. You need to think about it on individual basis:

If just ONE asshole government agent decides he wants to illegally make your life miserable, come at you and your family with his government-issued weapons paid for by tax payers, then you either are armed and can defend yourself or you are at his mercy. If you are armed, and you kill that government agent, or anyone else who illegally attacks you, then you're alive, and your self-defense is justified. If you are not armed, then you are either a slave or dead.

I don't understand how anyone sane can rationally consent to being governed by lefties who simultaneously argue that the government is evil nazis and you shouldn't be able to defend yourself against them.


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But if it is really just one corrupt government person couldn't his boss or Co-workers reprimand him? Assuming they are good people who really believe in Justice. Couldn't the matter be settled without needless violence?

[–] MarcusA 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Nobody "needs" an abortion or cosmetic surgery or a closet full of shoes, or a car that is capable of breaking the speed limit.

Its a matter of choice and legal gun owners have zero duty to explain themselves.

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Actually in most parts of western Europe, countries are putting laws in to limit cars to a certain speed, something which most manufacturers do anyway so people don't lose control of the car, kill themselves then the family sue and blame the manufacturer, (it has happened in the US of all places.) Most manufacturers do also realise the dangers of people breaking the speed limit though and that is another reason they out limiters in the engine management systems. It just so happens that in most of Europe it is going to be in law soon that cars are limited.


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You are good at making shit up.

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I'd sit in the back, if I could open carry an AR.

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You absolutely need one. The people should be able to oppose the government by force, if the need arises. In fact, if your neighbors are not armed, they are placing more of a burden on those who are.

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