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Unlike American blacks who want gibs for doing nothing, Chinese people line up to get available hard work, low paying jobs. That's not slavery. The Chinese simply aren't lazy.

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Dude, if you have to chose between dying in 10 days or dying in 10 years, what would you choose? These people have no choice. No rights. No one to ask help. It's an dictatorship. It is slavery.

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........... You seem very unfamiliar with modern China. Are you talking about NK?

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Talk to some Chinese immigrants and they'll tell you a few things.

1) No welfare in China. You work or you starve.

2) No free healthcare in China. You pay or you die.

3) The government puts up with no shit. Read about how they handle the Uyghurs who live in the Muslim provinces. Demonstrators there go to reeducation camps. Or they just disappear completely.

Chinese are mostly terrified of their government. I know a guy who has been here over 10 years who is still afraid to talk about the Chinese govt on Skype, just in case they are listening.

They are basically slaves on a really big plantation.

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So..... basically what Voat wants America to be, minus the free speech part? No gibbs and you pay for your own shit? Cool.

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This ignores that they have a much higher propensity to save money, and most city workers still have a family farm somewhere. it's not like if they fart wrong in the factory they die in a gutter the next day. They adapted to a welfare-free system through planning and responsibility.

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This comment is wrong. Most of the Chinese immigrants I've talked to from mainland China will not say a bad thing against China. They are either scared shitless or brainwashed. I suspect that the OP has been talking to people from Taiwan or Hong Kong who are much more likely to trash talk China.

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Seems like the complete opposite of a negro.

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A desire to work hard and possessing a higher IQ is definitely non-negro. You are correct. If American blacks would wake up one day, look for work instead of gibs, learn to communicate in non-ebonic English, true integration would happen. instead, they choose the lazy path of anger, violence, and claiming to be victims, even when it's by their own hand, and not society as a whole.

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Nailed it. Equating free trade to slavery is retarded.

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Because they’re being enslaved by their own people/government. Can’t blame whitey, so it’s okay.

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Yep, we pay the Chinese to enslave their own for us. We can feel fine about this because we don't see the effects because they occur on the other side of the world in a relatively closed country.

There's another argument as well that the Chinese people would live in even worse squalor if they didn't have American money and clientele as an alternative to their local overlords. I'm not sure if that's ultimately a rationalization or just as good as it realistically gets.

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If the population was to decline to the point that there were open job spaces everywhere and competition dropped, you would need to increase your wages to keep the talent. Alternatively you have more children so you have more wages coming in but you get less per person, which is what we see at the moment.

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I was gonna say this as well...until I remembered that historically the vast majority of blacks were enslaved by their own as well, with it serving as a backbone of many of their economies.

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That just reinforces my point.

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How are they slaves? They work to make money.

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They aren't slaves, dumbass. Open a factory in India and you get ten blocks of people lining up to work.

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Chinks have enslaved themselves

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Chinese willingly work, the niggers not so much.

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No, it's because China is a dictatorship where no common citizen has freedom or real rights.

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Just because they don't have the exact laws and culture as you doesn't mean they're all miserable. On balance it's not a nice as the U.S. but it's hardly wall-to-wall grinding misery like you seem to think. As a nation China wouldn't be able to function if they suddenly received a Western legal code, and things are a hell of a lot better than any time in the last 200 years. Let go of the crocodile;e tear white man's burden stuff if you don't actually know what the place is like.

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Sure they do. Just not the right to prance around, butt-fuck, and spray each-other and passers-by with aids-blood in public.

What do you consider "real rights"? Those? The "right" to infect someone else with HIV without any legal consequences?

How is the US' tyrannical regime that wants nothing more than conquest, empire, absolute domination and control, while trying as hard as possible to give their citizens the illusion of freedom and treating each one of them like terrorists any better or worse than China, at the end of the day?

We can't defeat our enemies, and we can't even get along with our allies for fucks sake. Have you heard that dumb cunt Nikki Haley when she opens her mouth at the U.N.? If stupidity were fatal that bitch would be dead.

If you grew up in China your main complaints would probably be the lack of women, and maybe pollution, and traffic, depending on where you lived.

They cut off rapist Tyrone's dicks in public for fucks sake. I want that in my world.

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why enslaving Chinese people ... is perfectly okay?

Because you arent enslaving them, you word-twisting dumb fuck.

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'Enslaved' in the same way that western women have been enslaved for centuries by the patriarchy.

Also, Kill Whitey.

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Because they don't see it. Out of sight, out of mind. It's the same reason they don't realize our immigration laws are destroying American ethnicity. They don't see it happening so it must not exist.

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