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The country is overrun with niggers. The police have stated publicly that they are afraid to arrest them because it would start a riot.


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the Romantic Celtic Irish thing is gone but yes Ireland has its own problems and its own Native Orcs and Terrorists...but the New Leaders wanted foreign 'Riotfugees' a Canadian Dyke homosexual Jew named Zappone elected in Ireland...Clinton leftism, Trudeau retard-ism and Gay Marraige bingo!... their own Irish Leader is cast out to sea....and half cast gay Indian Leader of IronPotatoeLand island decided it needed boats and ships full of foreign Fresh stinky Orcs, boats of Clinton and Merkel's foreign Orcs from Africa and Arabia. Mass brawl between 100 gang rivals now breaks out in Dublin town The Orc Negroe African gangs are Low IQ and aggressive, don't speak any European language including English to any reasonable level of communication and the Negroid Orcs have their pants down near their ankles... riot of 250 mostly African Irish youths in Dublin on St Stephen’s Day Vigalante Hell's Angels in Dublin attack African gang ringleaders there was also some jihadist with an Irish passport arrested in Egypt and the homosexual pedophile British Jew owned media cried for his release... also in the 80s the North of Ireland goes boom a few times! and as Baroness Thatcher and the British went rightwing in the 80s and 90s the Irish Nationalists and IRA Terrorists became Leftists Open Borders Marxists...the Irish 'Nationalists' became confused English speaker imbeciles who occasionally dress in green like leprechauns on LSD, get drunk on St Patricks day quote people like Jon Stewart and listen or follow the latest boy and girl bands from London or NYC...Sinn Fein which has been called the political wing of the IRA is part of a group of soft open borders Leftwing Eurosceptical parties from France, England, Germany etc a weird mix of Socialists, Greens, Leftists ...the Nationalists in Ireland want a European with open borders and support other Leftwing elites like the wine drinking taco eating Podemos from Spain, Italian Commies, the Green party of pot smokers and animals in Holland Netherlands Partij voor de Dieren... the Irish Nationalists are all part of this Euro Leftwing lunatic EU group...their news media is foreign owned, seems people have a price and the Irish political elite sold out long ago.