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If he did, the entire propaganda machine would explode with cries of white supremacy again. "See, he lets all the white people immigrate but those poor dreamers are forgotten."

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"Dreamers have mexico, a group of blacks aren't raping and exterminating mexicans in mexico. Whites in south africa are being killing, do the math."

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Do you think the libtards actually care?

Their goal is white genocide after all.

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Tough choice cartels with unlimented power and weapons who are possibly the most brutal organised crime organization ever or a bunch of black africans... I'd like to send the cartelsnto the middle East to hunt down isis

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I'm not saying it is right. But you know that is how MSM will respond.

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2 + 2 = 4. Now what?

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All he would have to do is tweet verbatim the anti white laws those wakadindus passed

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This is true that he is in charge but he handed the Reigns over to his generals. Took off their Obama kiddy gloves. As far as if he knows about the issue I wouldn't doubt it. However there are no sound bites or comments attributed to South Africa. Some might think SA is Saudi Arabia, just a side thought, as they behead people all the time there.

When we have everyone screaming DACA the sounds of those we need to really help get drowned out. This really should have been handled a LONG time ago by more than one previous administration. They kept passing the buck and so far it looks like the buck stops with Trump this time around for many other things. Hopefully this gets attention and resolved. However, I am not holding my breath. This entire thing effects me personally as I am friends, very good friends with a girl from South Africa. Her family escaped. Bearily. (EVERYONE LOOK @DORTEX FOUND A SPELLING ERROR!!!! PAY ATTENTION AND GIVE HIM POINTS FOR FINDING A FUCKING TYPO THAT I EVEN KNEW WAS WRONG BUT DIDN'T CARE TO CORRECT IT IS EVEN HIGHLIGHTED IN RED. FUCK OFF) I met her in HS and we were on the Swim Team together, this was prior to my football injury. Ended both sports for me. Anyways she told us the horrors of what actually went on. I didn't even know there were white people in Africa until I met her. It is one thing seeing pictures it is another thing hearing first hand accounts of how people someone loved were murdered.


Edit: Apparently a /S is still necessary for some folks on here. Lighten up folks I wasn't serious. I thought memes were always a sign of a joke. Maybe I am wrong about what you use meme's for on the internet. Oh well. No skin off my back. This has been great for a laugh.

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At least Saudi Arabian men kept their women in check.

Unlike German men giving their country over to a woman who then import a bunch of enemy combatants to rape fellow women.

It's fucking pathetic.

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and since women outnumber men in most societies that's all that matters. yet I seen you shit-talk muslims a great deal, maybe check your fucking loop HOMEBOY.

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Her family escaped. Bearily.

So they drank their own piss to survive?

[–] valk2 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago  (edited ago)

More like she lost relatives attempting to escape their farm that was attacked. Edit: Okay I see, you made fun of a fucking Typo. Get a life mate.

2.7 years to come out of LERKING to correct spelling. You Sir, or Ma'am aren't worth any more of my time.

Nobody Cares

/S - this is still necessary apparently.

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He knows and can't do shit. I'm not white and those people should be considered refugees and transported here. Cause I know if they come here and be normies like us.

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White Genocide in South Africa https://hooktube.com/watch?v=KpaWtrEqga0

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I'm bout to start twitting trump everyday till he responds.

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this is pretty much MSM media

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Those people knew that shit was coming, the could have migrated before the shit hit the fan.

"Around blacks, never relax"

Trump can't help them unfortunately. Maybe Russia could, but they don't really have any reason to give a shit.

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Wait for the ICE to do their job so the MSM won't paint SA refugees as "job thieves" of the illegal Mexicans.

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Trumpstein is aware of what his (((NWO))) bosses want him to be aware of: starting WW 3 - Russia, Syria, and North Korea.

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