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They have no organizational sitting, it is just a few people putting out ads on Craigslist paying people to protest. Antifa actually has no base of organic support. They are paid protesters.

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Start eating soy and stop all exercise too. Don't forget to go into debt getting a useless degree in gender studies.

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Just rub yourself with dogshit. Make sure you get pics of their members, and make they give you a w-2, w-4, or some kind of 1099. Have proof you were employed by them.

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You can still wipe your ass, just don't throw away the tissue. Use it for padding under your clothes to make you look like a fat ass wipe.

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I think the real secret is in the hair. Not sure what it takes or how long but Moldylocks hair is tough to duplicate. That level of dedication to not washing is near epic. Extra greasy spikes or a dyke cut if you are lazy might also work. Maybe you are sort of short, pudgy, and effeminate? Is so you probably don't have to take your disguise past dyke cut! Maybe 2 days of not washing and wiping with leftover shiny advertisement newsprint. Otherwise you might need the extra effort of long wavy moldylocks and a good antics headscarf and snow goggles.

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Murray's Hair Pomade can make your hair look nasty without being dirty. Get the super hold and look like you're unemployed in no time!