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No, I want medicaid/medicare gone. I want less government involvement in healthcare. You don't file a claim on your auto insurance when you change the oil in your car, do you?

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If medicaid/medicare are "gone" no insurer will cover anyone over 65. Most family members would go bankrupt before they would let a parent or young child die. We would become a Mexican style shit-hole in a generation…..

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Social Security isn't meant to be lived off of for 20+ years, yet that's happening now. Same about medicaid/medicare.

These programs will have to be reformed or ended as more and more people live to 90s and beyond. 30 years ago, 90 was rare, now it's weird when someone dies at 70 when it was normal. More money is spent as people get older and closer to the end of their life, from my perspective, that's extremely selfish and wasteful.



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Because nobody would be able to afford Medicaid/Medicare "at cost". It only appears competitive because it's so heavily subsidized. There's shit tons of fraud and abuse that tax payers fund without much knowledge of it.

Want to really fix this shit? Return to pre-1908 regulations. There was little to no insurance available because it wasn't needed. Medical costs were so low that the industry lobbied government specifically to institute regulations to increase the prices by restricting competition as well as guaranteeing money to the market via Medicare type shit. Once a market is guaranteed money that creates inflation of prices. More recently you can see what guaranteeing student loans has done to the college tuition market. Subsidies ultimately and inevitably raise prices.

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Real cost of perworking-age person $6,632, cheaper then what I pay now!!! Don't forget what I pay now is subsidized by the Obama era cartels.....

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Is that what's spent on a "per working age person" to cover their expenses? Or is that what it would cost that person to buy into the program? Because if you're talking about someone paying for what gets spent on them then you'll be asking the elderly and the diseased to be paying an exorbitant amount for "coverage" because that's not how insurance works. If that's the case you might as well do what I'm always saying and just plan appropriately and make sound financial planning so that you're able to pay cash on the spot for services and we can be rid of the insurance scam altogether.

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Would you like fries with that?

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Nope, just what others get. If I was a POC I would sue saying it was discriminatory base on age and race.

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Why are you assuming that a government run program offered at cost is going to be low cost?
I'd need to see some numbers!

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Real cost of perworking-age person $6,632, cheaper then what I pay now!!! Don't forget what I pay now is subsidized by the Obama era cartels..... If it wasn't you don't have to pay for it, I just want the opportunity to buy into it.

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What about seniors?

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Same as it ever was. I just want to add the ability for Joe public to buy in at cost! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/let-general-public-buy-medicaid-and-medicare-cost

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but you hate socialised healthcare?

you do realise medicare in AU and the NHS in the UK are paid for from taxes? And in Aus if you REALLY want to.... you can go with a private provider and..... you get the medicare money you paid in your tax back at the end of the year?

I can go to the cattlemarket a 5 minute walk up the street from my home with all the 1 appointment for 5 kids types and people bumming sick notes from work, or i can pay $75 for my family gp to look at me for 30 seconds and tell me to come back in a week and i get that back too?

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This is not socialized healthcare, it is a hybrid system where the end user still has the choice. Choice being the key word. I currently have a choice between Fedex and the USPS, I currently have a choice between Public and Private school, this would be a choice. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/let-general-public-buy-medicaid-and-medicare-cost

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That sounds like Obamacare...