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I was terminated, and it took 16 months to prove the company did the incorrect thing. I could not get any welfare, had to forage to keep from starving. I won recieved all back pay and benifits. However I was vexed that I had to forage and different demographic didn't. It made me a better person in the long term.


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I signed up with centrelink when i was broke.

I got a job 3 weeks later.

Fucking hate the shit but as a single employable (and usually employed) dude with no kids i pay far more into the tax system than i get out so im not gonna feel like a bum for the shite poo-change they give you. Fuck last time i signed up they hit me with a 'Our records from 12 years ago show....' (illegal no matter what they want) - the week i cancelled it i got hit with a 'Our records from 5 years ago show..... .... you will need to provide proof.....' - its called robodebt and its always right - i dont owe shit to those cunts fucking take me to court and explain it.

All while niggers immigrants and ice addicts get a free ride on the money i COULDNT owe BECAUSE I PAY MY FUCKIN BILLS AND TAX.