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Sometimes domains play up and need banned, unfortunately. I'm not familiar with this one but every .today domain I've come across in my dayjob has been a spammer's throwaway site or abuse toy of some sort.

You can see the ban list at https://voat.co/log/banned/domain and every entry in that list should have an associated posting in /v/reportspammers

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I was just able to post something by changing the archive link from archive dot today to archive.is The strange thing is that people have been posting all morning long using the archive dot today inclusive link.

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Domain: today

Reason: Test TLD ban

Age: 3 months ago

Looks like a test that was mistakenly left in. @PuttItOut can fix whether the .today TLD really needs to be banned.

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Thanks for your reply. What went through fine about three weeks ago, is also banned for some reason today. https://kek.gg/i/4HW79.png

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It's not a business.