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Liberals would stand for high employment rates for blacks and latinos, which is how you know that none of the Democrats are actually Liberal.

Liberal media is not Liberal, it is the same as saying a wolf in sheep's clothing is a naked, honest wolf.

The liberal media stays sitting down when it is time to celebrate and honor our own countrymen.

What the liberal media stands for, apparently, is North Korean dictators whose prison population is the only reason ours isn't #1.

If ever a time there was to see with utmost clarity the true values of Liberal Media, it is now.

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They want to be proud of our country, they just dont want to be proud of what it stands for

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'Was'? They're still going on.

Seems like a good opportunity to promote diversity though.... even though most of the American athletes are white lol

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CNN was trying to glamorize Kim Jung Un's sister

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Olymics? Is it over? Bout time, how many human years of time was wasted on that sadness?