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v/fermenting has some canning info. There's also v/JustGrowIt, too.

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Why not start one? I would subscribe.

Do you do a traditional garden and what do you like to grow? I like experimenting with different things. Last year I started aquaponics and I think I have it setup to where I can get some good results this year. This year I want to try the 3 sisters method.

I'm going to get a pressure cooker this year so that I can can some extra stuff but so far I've had success with pickles, tomatoes, and beets. The pickles didn't taste good but they were preserved well.

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Idk man buy a pressure cooker and some mason jars and watch a youtube vid it's not even complicated enough to justify its own sub unless it's "post pictures of my canned goods".

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Try v/traditionalwives and maybe v/growit. I remember seeing posts about stuff like that in the fall, just dont remember exactly where