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It is goddamn child abuse, done to an infant!

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And yet the jews will both defend and demand it EVERYWHERE

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Yes it is.

Who on earth started this?

A schizophrenic man heard voices telling him to murder his son, he couldn't go through with it so the voices said mutilate his penis and tell the rest of your tribe to do it too. Illiterate and superstitious Canaanites listed to this for some reason and later slaughtered the neighbouring tribes (also because someone heard voices) and the rest is history.

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Why did it become a trend in the US in the early 20th century? Maybe an early mind control experiment or a sign of submission to Jewish interests?

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Evanglicans have a hard on for Jews like you wouldn't believe it. Lot of them think it's Americans moral responsibility to make sure Israel exist.

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A (((doctor))) over 100 years ago said that it was healthy and prevented masturbation, people went along with it.

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Probably just because the average American is too dumb from the media, fluoride and aspartame to wash their dick properly, and as a result, nobody was getting blown.

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Circumcision In a tradition dating back to the biblical patriarch Abraham, infant male Jews have been ritually circumcised as a sign of the Jewish people’s covenant with God. Even during the bleakest days of Nazi persecution, Jews tried to observe this practice. Because non-Jews in continental Europe generally were not circumcised, German and collaborationist police commonly checked males apprehended in raids. For boys attempting to hide their Jewish identity, using a public restroom or participating in sports could lead to their discovery. -- https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/hidden-children-of-the-holocasut

Easier to hide among the gentiles if you get them to mutilate themselves too.

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I believe the Egyptians had this practice long before the Canaanites.


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The fucking jews stole their religion partialy from the egyptians.. They wanted to be gods and have slaves just like the egyptians yet they were to stupid to acualy create a civilaization they were the equivalent of middle east gypsies they were conmen story tellars liars thieves murderers.. they were the worst of the worst of humanity, but they took their shitty beliefs merged them with egyptian beiliefs and by some sick twist of fate they truly figured out the seceret of becoming a parasite that also learned brainwashing through the storytelling then they got into banking and the rest is our current dsytopian world we are living in now with the jew overlords lurking in the back ground.

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How can it be anything but?

It is the hacking off of some of the most sensitive flesh on the human body. Off of a fully awake, unanesthetized infant. With no consent whatsoever, leaving them with a lifetime deprived of some degree of sexual pleasure, plus the scarring/mutilation.

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And left with psychological damage from the trauma.

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More neurologic than psychological, but at that age I suppose that's a mostly academic distinction.

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This is absolutely true

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They're also left with higher cortisol levels for months afterwards that stunts their mental development.

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I can't say who started it overall, it's practiced all over the world in many religions and cultures. More widespread than FGM.

Yes, it's mutilation, it's not medically necessary and the health risks it reduces are pretty small, such as urinary tract infections (treated in girls with antibiotics, why not do the same?), and penile cancer (far less likely than breast cancer, yet we don't amputate breasts as standard practice).

It gained popularity in the west as a way to curb masturbation during a time when masturbation was said to cause epilepsy and insanity. They KNEW it would reduce sensation in the penis, that was the PURPOSE.

Hoes who prefer the appearance of cut dicks aren't informed, studies show women also get more pleasure from natural dicks.

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There's studies out there that seem to be trying to prove various benefits of being circumcised, but I'm skeptical of this- the human male is the most dominant being to ever exist so far as we know. It seems crazy to think we could've made it through so much evolution with a sex organ that is inherently messed up at birth 100$ of the time, and required surgery to provide some questionable benefits.

Just goes to show, the male's desire to sow his seed is also evolutionary- generations of us have still masturbated A LOT even though we've been mutilated at birth!

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It'd be like permanently removing a child's hair because the parents couldn't be bothered to wash it and teach the child how.

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Trying to look for possible benefits after the fact strikes me as just an attempt to justify something that's not being done for rational reasons. Just like they used to tell people infants that age couldn't feel pain to justify it, when it's obvious that isn't true.

If there are any real health or religious benefits that someone wants, they ought to be able to choose to get snipped as an adult. I doubt a ton of guys would go for it, but it'd actually be less painful and more precise as an adult.

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skeptical? I down right dont believe a word of it, if it was not meant to be there then we wouldn't be born with it.

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I dont know who started it..

Its literally been a thing for the jews since fucking forever and inherited by catholics youre looking at.. what... 2500 years of rabbis slicing ends off baby boys cocks then licking it better.

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and inherited by catholics

Huh? I know of no catholic community that practices this. Outside of Jews it's mostly American protestants and some African tribes. The Muslims at least wait until the kid is old enough to talk, but they have fuck all choice in the matter even then.

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Remember, those jew rabbis bite the foreskin off and suck the blood. That my friends is genital mutilation by way of sexual assault.

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  1. As long as we're using Hebrew words, let's get the right. Mohel is the word for a man who performs the "brit milah" ceremony which includes cutting apart of the penis. A mohelot is the word for a female who does the same.
  2. Some mohels (or mohelim, plural of mohel) are also Rabbis, aka priest/pastor/teacher. So, only some Rabbis perform "brit milah" whereas all mohelim do.
  3. The practice of sucking the blood from the penis wound is called metzitzah b'peh. Note that this occurs, if it occurs at all, after ripping/tearing the skin off the baby, literally skinning the baby alive. Then skin is amputated with a blade of some sort. Then the baby is forced to penetrate the mouth of the mohel with his penis, from which the mohel sucks blood. The foreskin is not bitten off with the teeth.
  4. Metzitzah b'peh (which is a form of oral sex) is known to cause transmission of herpes and tuberculosis, which can be fatal to a child's undeveloped immune system. Documented cases continue to occur in New York as recently as current year. Google it if you don't believe me.
  5. Because metzitzah is performed in private and is unregulated, we do not know how widespread it is. However, it's typically confined to the ultra-orthodox communities. It is argued in the Talmud that sucking the penis promotes health in the victim, in spite of the aforementioned documented cases of death.
  6. Some mohels implement metzitzah by sucking the blood through a straw to avoid direct oral-genital contact and reduce the risk of transmitting disease from the filthy dick-sucking lips of the mohel to the open wound crime scene on the victims crotch. Others believe this style of blood-sucking is spiritually invalid because it is not the traditional method, and they insist on continuing the tradition of direct oral contact (even without the knowledge of the parents).
  7. Even when penis sucking is not performed, the ritual mutilation is typically done with friends and family as witnesses. Everyone is invited to eat and celebrate this "holy" scissor-rape bris ceremony. They gather around and they laugh and party while an innocent baby screams bloody murder as he is initiated into their ancient pedophile cult and becomes a "real Jew". The victim is then subjected to years of brainwashing. Ultimately, if he doesn't like what was done to him, then he is excommunicated from the tribe or even put to death.

Many redpilled survivors who defect from this sick rape cult actively fight for the human rights of American children to be protected from sexual abuse and violations of their religious freedom. (For example, if a Jew accepts that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Torah, then he accepts Christ's teaching that foreskin is totally kosher with God.) So, what we're dealing with is brainwashed adults who think they have the right to permanently mark their children's genitals and minds as property of their pedophile god. In America, every person has the right to grow up and choose whatever religion they want, including religions--such as mine--which regard "bris milah" and circumcision as criminally violent acts of pedophilia (even when "metzitzah" oral sex is not involved).

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Yep. Need to start hanging doctors who perform it.

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No. No issue with doctors doing it for legit medical reasons whatever they may be.

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Phimosis was the only medical reason to circumcise, but you can cut through the foreskin to relieve the pressure/tightness in a straight, single line incision, no circumcision required. Phimosis is a fairly rare condition, and one that usually is easily preventable via your kid cleaning themselves and playing with their foreskin to keep the skin supple.

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There are no medical reasons for circumcision. If it's too tight the proper treatment is to apply steroid cream and stretch it.

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Please name your best example of a "legit medical reason" for amputating healthy tissue from a patient's genitals.

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rare may they be, but it should only be done for legit medical reasons ONLY.

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Yes. If you cut the end of your dick off... It's pretty well mutilated.

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Based on the definition of mutilation, (barring medical necessity) it's pretty clear that the answer is a resounding yes.

Who on earth started this?


BTW The word is "your" not "ur"

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