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Interesting how some areas (like cali) match the election results..


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Fascinating. So voter fraud perhaps?

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Maybe. It might just be coincidence but is certainly interesting.

It doesn't line up in all states but enough to show a pattern on surface.

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That's because most criminals are liberals.

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I thought about that...

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Wouldn't there be more in DC? Gropin' Joe and all of them?

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the politically protected class falls last when the political class is the one holding the gun.

it would be different if it was the FBI doing it's job the way it should have been doing for the last 40 years.

I expect then that DC would be lit up like a christmas tree, and I can't think of any better present than pedo politicians swinging from lamp posts.

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There's a lot in the surrounding areas though. Maybe they dont live where they "work".

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Most likely.

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How long will they remained sealed is the question that bugs me.

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I feel like it's MS-13...

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Yeah? They got 60 members in Kansas?

Its baby fuckers and people who steal elections.

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People were saying that at 4000 on the chans. Even then it got quickly rebutted because the distribution doesn't line up. Wouldn't there be a lot more in southern California? Why so many in the Northeast? Etc.

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Massachusetts has the city of Boston. Lots of potential for criminal operations of all sorts there. The other areas in the northeast look like they could be part of a smuggling pipeline of some type.

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Maybe it's not their turf?

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Next week there will be 7 billion sealed indictments.

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don't you mean 6 gorillion?

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lol exactly.

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All going to get tossed as the fruit of the poisoned tree.

But I'm just speculating.

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I doubt that all of them can be, so lets say that even 25% stick.

I'm still sporting an erection like a 15 y/o

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I expect human trafficking.

The one thing I LOVE about trump is that he has a habit of following through on his word in a way that we could only dream politicians would do if they weren't all corrupt to the core.

I never thought I would be cheering on a billionaire in my wildest dreams.

Praise the god emperor. Praise kek. Cheeto Drumpf FTW.

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Unless the defendant is already in federal custody, most federal indictments are sealed.

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