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Liberals are highly invested in black victimhood. If they could, they would co-opt other races for the cause but Asians often do better than white folks and Latinos do well enough to not completely drink the eternal victim kool-aid.

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Because they are the ones that the liberals have the most dirt to cover for, as evidenced by their behavior when placed into any other nation or society on the planet along with decades spent trying to integrate them in places like brazil and the US, and now europe.

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'Cause they have the biggest. loudest mouths and they don't shut up until they get their way.

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now all three are getting pushed aside and neglected for muslims. they might even find out what its like to not be privileged just for being minorities! maybe theyll even realize the democrat party has had them on the plantation for fifty years!

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The media stations are the enemy of the countrymen.