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They said that the leather seats and all the plastic parts will disintegrate within a year because of space radiation.

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Good one. I could have figured that out too. The whole premise is stupid. It’s fake. If it isn’t. Elon musk is still a gigantic fuck tard. He is not smart (enough) in my opinion to do what he says he does. You cucked out individuals will run to defend him and that’s pathetic.

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Hijacking top post to say that the feed only lasted four hours and then "ran out of batteries." LOLOLOLO!


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Not instantly.

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Yes over time, but they also slowly rotate the Tesla so the heat is distributed evenly. These cars can stand being parked in full sun and don't melt.

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Somehow, I don't think that "full sun" in space is the same as "full sun" on earth.

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On earth the sun is warm and pretty in heaven it doesn’t exist cause that’s where jesus lives

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I am curious how they manage to radiate the accumulated heat away without atmosphere to transfer the heat.The accumulated heat over time should melt it.

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Please google it.

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Why do you think it isn’t affected by the conditions? What exactly did you expect to happen?

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left it as is

Hard to believe this. I would think you at least need to remove fluids, caps, tire valves and the battery.

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Cgi is not affected by space.... :)

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Because the whole thing is CGI and it's just part of the grand cover up of the flat earth.

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There's no ice in space , so you don't have to scrape your space windshield

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