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On a related note, a black panther is not a species by itself. They are jaguars or leopards who happens to be black.

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with a lower iq

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And worse credit

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How dare you compare a cat to a nigger. Most wild cats are extremely intelligent. unlike your average pavement ape.

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you killed me XD

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To my point that has no relation. Checked the sites? Saw the Difference? That's the problem, regardless of kingdom, Phylum, Class OR EVEN FAIRY TALES there's a political motive to google.

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I'm not disputing your point. its nothing new either (search "white couple", "european historic figures" etc..) and should hardly surprise anyone.

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A nigger is just a monkey, that happens to be black and look like a human. But its not.

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did you know the chimpanzee humans evolved from was European, not African? East Africa is no longer considered the birthplace of humanity.


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Looks similar to a human, but so do gorillas.

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There really aren't any "black panthers" at all. When you examine the coats you always can find the markings ("spots") Always.

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This is pertinent to domestic cats: most black cats are really black tabbys. If you look closely at a black cat you will most often see tabby markings. A pure black cat is a rare beauty, indeed.

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Listen, i don't keep any big cats but you can definitely find entirely black jaguars, i don't know if thats the case with leopards.

Your "always" statement might be true for leopards I don't know. Anyway, you can find white whales. Colour variation of pure black panther mutation isn't so far fetched. Don't be a absolutionist in this case.

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I think Google tends to search items based on popularity. Odds are, most people searching are not looking for actual black panthers.

Many times lately though, I've searched for things and got pages of politically correct stories about something I didn't want to find. Google would not let you find what you were actually looking for. They are getting very politically biased and it's sad.

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Google used to be amazing, finding a,, sorts of useful information by anyone that posted it on any subject. Now it only delivers commercial results, ranked by how much they pay, sanitized to their own flavor of political correctness and motives.

At this point it’s near fucking useless and I am sad and upset at the loss to humanity in the greater sense.

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What's worse is, they spam the results with the SJW news they want you to see.

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It also brings back searches based on your search history. It puts you in a bubble.

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And some ignorant retards still think that white genocide is a conspiracy theory.

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DuckDuckGo still lifts a lot of their results from Google, if you search for white couple there you get the same results :(

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That is seriously bad. I need to stop using this search engine. Wow.

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Yeah, this search is not really indicative of anything other than the movie is big in media right now so people are searching for it. Now, if a search before the movie was announced had returned only the comic and not the animal that would be more telling.

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I just wrote an entire submission about why this is happening. Any idiot can destroy their brand with politics. The geniuses at Google have found a much more sophisticated way to shoot themselves in the foot.

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Google is an advertising company, what the fuck are you talking about?

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You misunderstand, they're usually supposed to disclose that. They alter the entire search and you're expecting me to be okay with it?

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The image results also reflect the most recent click-throughs

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If you're a dumb fuck using google, yeah obviously you are okay being in their bubble.

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Either complain about it to people that matter or switch providers. I suppose you can do both.

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We wuz Indians an shit!

It's funny how the black panther narrative never once stops to ask:

  1. Where do black panthers actually come from? Answer- Central and South American Rain Forests. Both the Black Panther and its close genetic relative, the white North American Mountain Lion, are part of the family Puma.

  2. No members of the Puma big cat family exist in the entire continent of Africa, including Zoos.

  3. Why does the hero of an African Tribe hate African people so much that he must name his alter ego persona after an icon of Mayan Cultural Heritage.

  4. Why is Marvel studios appropriating Mexican and Central American cultures away from them. Marvel is stealing their culture and applying it to Africa where it never existed in history.

  5. Most of the Immigrants coming into the US are from counties that the Black Panther or Jaguar as they knew it is a part of their histories and Marvel studios appropriated it over to Africa where it has never existed before. How fucking disgusting, mang!

  6. Why the fuck are the Blacks and the Jews joining together to rob the Mexicans, ese?

This is fucking bullshit Ese! Go and take those fucking Norteños from Hollywood down Amigo!

Race war between the Blacks and the Mexicans today! Destroy this movie Ese! The Hollywood putas steal from you and your familia Ese! Have the fucking Hollywood pieces of shit even offered to send money to your countries or tell the slave stories of how hard your father's work? No! These mother Fuckers dishonor and steal from you and they lie about your histories!

Destroy these movie studios mi amigos! They did this to white men, now they are doing it to you next! They will rob and enslave all your familia!

Take it back from the Black.

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Africa has black leopards.

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We wuz spotted!

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Those are pretty kitty cats.

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Or Google's image search is aimed towards current topics, rather than the thing for all time?

Meltdown on Google

Meltdown on Duckduckgo

Spectre Attack on Google

Spectre Attack on Duckduckgo

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Google has always been extremely biased towards movie titles. I can't search for anything that happens to share the name of a movie without most of the first page being movie titles. I am willing to bet they get paid by the (((movie industry))) to do this

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Well, yea. That could be considered advertising hits if you click on any of them. Google is an advertising company.

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not sure but Google is bias AF for negros atm and probably forever onward

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