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Knowledge is power and eventually with all the horrible shit you'll know about you'll gain appreciation for how good you've made life for you and yours which is a hell of a lot better than slowly suiciding yourself by getting blackout drunk so you don't have to feel or remember any more.


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Ehhhhh, I'm not seeing the case for that being better than bliss.

I'm not saying I necessarily advocate for ignorance, but I was wondering if you had a case against it, given your comment. But "bliss" is clearly a state where getting blackout drunk is not even a consideration.


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Obviously if you're happy you have no real desire to escape reality but that said you can only know true happiness if you know real sadness and misery which the red pill gives you. You have to work past all the bullshit so that duality can give you the proper appreciation of how good you really have it otherwise you have neither good nor bad which is akin to feeling nothing and the only state for us that even comes close to that is death. So ignorance might be blissful but you might as well kill yourself and be done with it if you go down that path willingly.