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That's why it's probably better to aim for fulfillment or meaning instead of happiness. You might end up with satisfaction in the end.


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Exactly, I try to do positive things like when I go on a hike I will pack out the trash I come across or help someone out with small things, clean my house etc. Even if it is small I am able to feel like a made a positive impact. Also getting in the great outdoors in itself is rewarding and getting some exercise along the way never hurt. And shooting guns relieves a lot of stress!!!!


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Two things: First, no sociopath has ever been cured. And they are estimated to comprise up to ~3-4% of the population. 1 in 30, roughly. They have also made it to the top of the so-called pyramid. Because our society rewards sociopathy!
Second, have some pride in who you are. Be an example of your cultural values. Strive for self-improvement. Hold yourself to a high standard.