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Yup. It also helps to remember that all things are equal with the heat death of the universe. So, fuck up the planet, wipe out the species, or build a utopian super society, it doesn't really matter in the end. Try not to take it so seriously, have fun with it. Laugh in the face of madness, roll with the punches, dish a few out if you can...fuck it man. Just bend life over the barrel and fuck it like the filthy, messed up, psychotic whore she is: because before you know it, you'll be over the barrel and she'll be lubing up a foot long rubber dick that, in all likelihood, will absolutely destroy you.

Sidebar, how the FUCK is that the correct spelling of "likelihood"?


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Charismatic nihilism at it's finest. Have an upvoat!


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Got some chuckles out of this one. Have my upvoat too.

PS: Username checks out.