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Don't spend every spare moment on voat and 4chan. Go out, do fun stuff, work out, better yourself in any way you see fit. Then at night, browse for a little while, get your fill, find out the important stuff, then get off. Don't bury yourself under the muck of politics, but stay aware of what's going on.

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Yup. It also helps to remember that all things are equal with the heat death of the universe. So, fuck up the planet, wipe out the species, or build a utopian super society, it doesn't really matter in the end. Try not to take it so seriously, have fun with it. Laugh in the face of madness, roll with the punches, dish a few out if you can...fuck it man. Just bend life over the barrel and fuck it like the filthy, messed up, psychotic whore she is: because before you know it, you'll be over the barrel and she'll be lubing up a foot long rubber dick that, in all likelihood, will absolutely destroy you.

Sidebar, how the FUCK is that the correct spelling of "likelihood"?

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This. Though I recommend not making web-browsing (voat, news, etc) your last mental activity before going to sleep, especially if the info you are consuming does not contribute to your peace of mind.

If that is the case, I'd recommend that instead you make your last daily activity something that clears your mind of worries, anxiety, etc. Things like exercise, meditating, taking a shower, watching a little tv, reading a book, etc.

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This is good advice. Lol

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I will keep this in mind for college.

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Take pride in knowing you aren't easy to manipulate and have the rare ability of critical thought.

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the rare ability of critical thought.

The most depressing thing I have read all day....

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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -- Aristotle

I used to be atheist but eventually I learned that closing my mind to other ideas (especially when so many people believe different things) did not help me learn. Now I'm agnostic and find it fun to learn about others beliefs and why they believe. I don't try anymore to counter their beliefs with "the fossil records" and "carbon dating." If they ask, I can tell them. It's easier for me not to have strict beliefs on the origin of time and the origin of life since there is still much more to discover. Why limit your thoughts when you don't know everything?

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I get a daily reminder just by talking to humans. How the fuck we made it this far is crazy.

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You don't. Knowledge rarely brings happiness. The world's fucked up, and you don't have the power to make it better. Everything you ever learn will only reinforce these facts.

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That's why it's probably better to aim for fulfillment or meaning instead of happiness. You might end up with satisfaction in the end.

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Exactly, I try to do positive things like when I go on a hike I will pack out the trash I come across or help someone out with small things, clean my house etc. Even if it is small I am able to feel like a made a positive impact. Also getting in the great outdoors in itself is rewarding and getting some exercise along the way never hurt. And shooting guns relieves a lot of stress!!!!

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Two things: First, no sociopath has ever been cured. And they are estimated to comprise up to ~3-4% of the population. 1 in 30, roughly. They have also made it to the top of the so-called pyramid. Because our society rewards sociopathy!
Second, have some pride in who you are. Be an example of your cultural values. Strive for self-improvement. Hold yourself to a high standard.

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Is it weird that I find black pills like this liberating and cathartic? It gives me peace of mind, and a comforting feeling I have all the facts. Even the hard ones.

A few years back, I realized my depression was like terrorists that would always try to wreak havoc on my psyche, and somehow accepting the fact that I would be forever fighting an unwinnable war, gave me an enemy to fight(it wasn't me), vigilance, morale, pride and something to defend. I am still vigilant, but I've functionally won that war.

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Blue... The other pill was blue...

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You know what’s better than black pills? White ones with the v on em. Mmmmmm that v stands for quality pharmaceutical

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and you don't have the power to make it better.

You may not have the power to make it better but you have the power to kill the people making it worse.

Everything you ever learn will only reinforce these facts.

Only if you stop trying to apply what you learn.

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Well... you're not wrong. That's for sure.

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Ignorance is bliss.

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Understanding that the red pill is the hard ugly truth. But a truth nonetheless.

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Peace of mind is for the weak and you can't undo the absorption of truth into your brain as it's akin to truly believing in Santa again. Ignorance is bliss for a reason and you wouldn't truly desire going back to being a deaf, dumb and blind sheep knowing the things you already do anyway so start bettering yourself now and see how deep the rabbit hole goes because now you've started down this path there's no turning back.

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"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

I'm curious to hear your argument for proceeding into knowledge.

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Knowledge is power and eventually with all the horrible shit you'll know about you'll gain appreciation for how good you've made life for you and yours which is a hell of a lot better than slowly suiciding yourself by getting blackout drunk so you don't have to feel or remember any more.

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Peace of mind is internal. I have peace of mind without the myriad fantasies.

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Practice detachment, mindfullness meditation, any form of activity that cultivates mental discipline. Shed your pride and your ego. Read up on Zen, Hermeticism, alchemy, etc.

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Should one see themselves as an individual or one with the universe?

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Objectively, you are clearly a production of this universe. How could it be otherwise?

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Individuality is an illusion

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No! Get out into the world and don't bother with reading psuedo spiritual nonsense, especially westernized buddhism. Thinking is NOT the best way to travel.

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I think for me, it’s been something along these lines, albeit less toward the yoga crowd.

They’re all different sets of metaphors for trying to understand the complex and mutable nature of reality.

I find comfort in attaching a pseudo-Christian face to my beliefs, though.. and so I like a certain interpretation of Gnosticism.

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This is true enlightenment. Embrace the suck. The world is evil. Know this. Pride in survival and learning. Being a better self. Family matters, so cultivate relationships without political-redpilling constantly. It is your motivation.

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Stop feeling sorry for people who don't deserve it.

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