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The same thing also happens within organizations or companies (such as those that run websites).

When it's a few guys anything goes. But once you hire a black guy there's no more conversations about race in the lunch room. Once you hire a woman the bikini posters have to come down and the swearing has to stop.. etc..

The bigger the organization, the more restrictions are placed on employees behaviour. People who are openly racist or sexist will often be forced out of larger organizations. Conversely people who openly support the "we all need to get along" narrative, will often do well and rise to positions of management.


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I'm one of those "we all need to get along" faggots, but I think people shouldn't lose their job for having a prejudice either. As long as everyone works, idgaf what you think/believe.


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This is one of the things I have to deal with in the military. One of the classes you take is about diversity (it's not entirely bullshit though). One of the things they talk about is that prejudice, racism, and (unlawful) discrimination are all bad.

Personally I disagree. I believe that mild prejudism is acceptable as a baseline for encountering new individuals or dealing with the group as a whole, racism is only bad when mistreating an individual because of it, and the only difference between lawful and unlawful discrimination is what's written in the books.

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nu-male faggots? soyboys? half girls?