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Consider the source of the statistics, and consider the mentality of their customers. What does it mean to be popular? What does it mean to be a user of these services? Offering yourself up as feed stock to a chain mail glove worn by advertisers? Offering up your identity, your habits, and your true name to search engines and video games? Who does that? Who obeys decades of institutionalization and takes up the calling to weaponize non-existent offense, so that one's own rotted ego remains safe? Who participates in these absurd phenomena?

Who are these aliens among us?


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The aliens start using this technology around 8-10 years old. After that their lives are lost and they have no idea. Everything they know comes out of a little box they carry everywhere they go. From observing the species I notice the phenomena extends to those well into their thirties. Those of us who didn't grow up as aliens were spared life in the box.