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False "left - right" paradigm, bro. It's set up this way so you'll keep believing in it.

The left and right are total opposites until they talk about war or monetary policy. Then, suddenly there's no argument whatsoever. Remember when Obama and McCain were campaigning in '08? They didn't agree on anything until the banker bailout came along. Then they both gave almost identical speeches about it.

And only 3 days after 911, when congress voted for Authorization for Use of Military Force, there was only 1 single 'Nay' vote from the entire house and senate. Since that time, it has been used to bomb the shit out of people 37 times, yet not one single bomb was ever directed towards the (((country))) who masterminded and carried out the attack.

And voaters like to believe that republicans aren't into pizzagate shit, but they're the ones who go to bohemian grove every year and take part in a mock human sacrifice. And let's not forget the republican Lawrence King who took his group of underage male prostitutes on midnight trips to the Regan/Bush whitehouse.

TL;DR - The two political parties in the US are a false dichotomy.

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TRUTH, I love it!!


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Thank you for posting this.


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I want to say that it was Ron Paul who voted "Nay" against the 9/11 bill, but I don't know for certain.


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Ron Paul expressed regret for voting yes because it was so widely abused.


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Actually it was Barbara Lee. Unfortunately, Ron Paul voted for it.


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Russ Feingold


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Go on...preach brother!!!