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I have had a theory about this. The bigger a site gets, the more users it has. The more users it has, the more demographics there are. The more demographics, the higher the chance of offending someone. So the doubledown on political correctness and the rest of the process is pretty obvious from there.

Also, fuck the people downvoting you, this is a good question.


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The same thing also happens within organizations or companies (such as those that run websites).

When it's a few guys anything goes. But once you hire a black guy there's no more conversations about race in the lunch room. Once you hire a woman the bikini posters have to come down and the swearing has to stop.. etc..

The bigger the organization, the more restrictions are placed on employees behaviour. People who are openly racist or sexist will often be forced out of larger organizations. Conversely people who openly support the "we all need to get along" narrative, will often do well and rise to positions of management.


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I'm one of those "we all need to get along" faggots, but I think people shouldn't lose their job for having a prejudice either. As long as everyone works, idgaf what you think/believe.

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The bigger you are, the bigger a target you become. Sue Reddit - the owners have lots of cash. You won't get a nickle out of this place, regardless of the verdict. There is no money here to go after.


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To add to this, tech industry higher-ups are largely left-leaning, so the power structure that plays directly into hiring processes also leans left. As a result, opening leaning rightward while working at a place such as Google or Microsoft is like painting a giant target on yourself.


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i do agree its a pretty good question. people are probably just downvoting because of the snooty (and somewhat douchebaggy) tone.

i wouldnt discount leftists inflating their "numbers" with bots and alt accounts to make it look like they have the majority opinion. they dont seem to realize that wrong is wrong regardless of popularity.