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A few reasons:

  1. The powers that be (globalists, etc.) tend to support their own. I knew a gay dude who got a $500K interest free loan from a group gay business owners who wanted to create more gay owned businesses. Conservatives tend to give money to charities to help people and the left tends to give their money to push an agenda.

  2. To be at the top of any business requires some level of dishonesty, malevolence, and sociopathic tendencies. You simply don't get to the top without breaking a few laws, cheating a few business partners, lying about your product, etc. These characteristics tend to strongly correlate with the authoritarian socialists.

  3. The right tends to be less career oriented and more family oriented. This impacts both business and political activism. Angry lesbos have lots of time to protest while trad. housewives do not. Personally: I'm confident that if I had wanted to I could be in upper management at a fortune 500. But, I'd rather run a small business out of a home office ... which allows me to not have to travel and spend spend lots of time with my family. I've (and many others like me) make major sacrifices to put family first. I may not run the world, but my kids aren't monsters either. A fair trade in my opinion.


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I think this is the best answer so far.

Also, I think another problem is HR: once a company gets big enough, its HR department gets more and more powerful and they (not the department bosses or supervisors) end up choosing who gets hired and who doesn't. And because they're getting paid by the hour, they don't really give a shit who they let in. On the other hand, when the owners of a small business themselves do the hiring, they're the ones paying for their salary, so they're more likely to hire based on merit rather than to fill quotas.


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Are your HR people hourly?


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2 is nearly verbatim what i told my wife. "I'll never be rich. You've got to step on people to get to the top, and i won't do that."

3, congrats my man!!! You are living my dream. if i could pry a bit, could you point me in any direction towards a business that can be ran from a home office? Not trying to doxx you, please be vague if needed

ive been typing about this a lot today. i really REALLY want to start my own business. I have a bit of a pessimistic personality though, and here's how i see it:

businesses that have high barrier to entry cost too much for a poorfag like me.

businesses that have low barrier to entry are super saturated because poorfags like me are already doing it. (lawn care, etc)


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Fair question. I have a fairly specific technical specialty. This allows me to be useful to the corporate players, even on a part time basis. Some of my best customers are my former employers ... just because I've always worked hard to treat other people well. Over the years, I've slowly grown my customer base and my number of employees.

About being poor: Right, it took 6+ months before I started receiving revenue. We lived VERY frugally for a long time to afford the opportunity. Financial Independence is key to having the personal freedom to do what you want with your life. I hate linking back to Reddit, but the sidebar to the right has excellent links / ideas on how to live frugally and save extreme amounts of money.

If you have a professional skill - that might be your best bet. If not then you are stuck doing a task that no-one wants to do.

My suggesting: 1. Don't spend $$ to buy into a franchise. They are too often bad deals.
2. Don't overlook the pool cleaning / lawn care / etc. business. There is always room for improvement. Find a niche that everyone else is failing to meet.
3. Do the job that no-one wants to do. You can be passionate about the strangest things. Mike Rowe has an extreme story about a guy who made lots of $$ by being the best septic company in the area. The dirtier / uglier the job then the less likely you will have competition in the market.

Oh, and 'being your own boss' just means that you have 100 bosses instead of 1. Running your own business is 50% more work and 50% more pain / headaches. It's worth it because I have extreme flexibility in my work schedule ... and I get to see my family more. But, it isn't just a simple walk in the park.

Good luck!