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No, the only time a submission should be removed by a moderator is if it's obvious spam or illegal content like CP, otherwise, let the community curate its content. Shitty and irrelevant posts will be downvoated into the gutter where they belong.


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So then remove all posting rules? Have it be another 4chan like shit posting sub that nobody loves? That turns the sub into v/soapboxbanhammer just like kevdude and his srs bois want. Expect completely off topic posts to flood in (already happening thanks to gabara and again here) Expect it to be difficult to find a gaming related post that actually talks about a game. Abandon the subs entire purpose in the name of free speech for a select group of nazi liberal Chan clowns to shit post in.

As a reminder ExpertShitposter broke rule 1 of the sub, on purpose, with the hope that @Kadynce would take the obvious and rightful action. You see these ShitRedditSays users love to concern troll i.e. Pretend to be outraged over an action they coaxed out of a mod on purpose through blatant disregard for rules so they'd just have to make this post and remove a mod. End result and goal being yet another sub they can shit post bland nonsensical nazi memes to.

The user base of people that post and comment in v/gaming are saying they like rule 1, I like rule 1, why would a gaming sub not have a rule 1? gaming related posts only.

Why can't the SRScrowd just post about games?

Why is posting about a gaming related subject so hard?

Goats go to that sub for a break.

Reminder that kevdude did the same thing to v/science which is now a dead sub that gets spam from CannabisTimes. You chase the users and mods away like kevdude wants and you have no sub (like kevdude wants)


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Default subs: Decisions made by the goats of voat, moderators are there to enforce such decisions.

User-created subs: Mods/owners can do as they please, it's their sub. If you don't like it, start your own. The only exception being if a user-created sub is breaking the few site rules (e.g. no CP).


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Abandon the subs entire purpose in the name of free speech


Mods and subs is what killed Eddit. Giving power to individuals opens the door to scammers who want to sell accounts to Jew activists who will happily pay for them. Then they slowly take over a website and ruin it. Changup the system to make it better. Have users of Voat report spam and bots to mods. A post gets reported 10 times, let's say, then the mod decides whether or not it's spam and has the power to remove it, but only after a certain amount of Voat users report it. Every once in awhile collusion where 10 shareblue accounts will voat with a planted mod. If it's obvious, then the website owner can remove the entire group. Also only give people who have been here over 3 months the power to report spam. This would make it really hard for a group to dominate the website.

I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to better handle it than the methods Eddit used, which didn't work. Which is why were here.


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Couldn't agree more. Dead on.

And if 'expert shit poster' is bothered about it why's is 'kevdude' making a post on his behalf. Strength in numbers right, protect voat?


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I can't be tough irl so I'll overcompensate by being a bad ass on the internet, let's give this a whirl.


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Nah this is nigger faggot logic. Too many brainwashed weak minded kids here who get easily ass blasted by words on the internet. Censorship is pure failure.


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Nobody has yet to answer...

Why is it so hard to just post game content to v/gaming? As per rule 1


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u are relatively retarded but wtfever.



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I would just like to point out some additional details about @kadynce

  1. Sub has rules about what you have to post, but no specified penalty/procedure for what happens when you break them. Previous active mod chillyhelion would warn people if they did something wrong and never actually banned anyone except Chinese spammers. This mod went straight to ban with no warning. That is like having a law against j-walking but no specified fine. It turns out the fine is death penalty.

  2. Mod did not actually point to any broken rule, but as he says "discussed" it with "regulars" and decided that "they" do not like my contribution.

  3. That is a lie as he did not actually discuss it with any "regulars". He made that claim 10 minutes after he banned me. He had no additional comments in his comment history. That would imply he PM'd "regular users", whatever regular even means, and these people who live around the globe all answered his PM's in 10 minutes, confirming that they want me banned. He was asked to post these conversations and he refused to comment on anything at all since the ban. This proves that he took personal offense to me calling weird looking Nintendo switch gamers "soyboys" so he banned me and quickly made a blanket defense to make it look like he is just enforcing the wishes of the community. At the time of the ban, the "regulars" gave me 8up and 4down therefore approving of my post with a 2:1 ratio.

  4. Mod presents him self as some community leader even tho he has made his last contribution to the sub 5 months ago. Last comment was 3 months ago telling someone his post "does not belong". Not to mention that his job is only to remove spam. Clearly this is a redditor who pops into voat once every few months to steer up some trouble.

  5. Non of those "regulars" actually came forward and posted convos, confirming that they spoke to him and agree with me actually being banned over this. One person complained in the thread, 4 people downwoted, 8 people upvoted, no one asked for a ban. Not that its their call in the first place because its a system and not a private subverse, but even if it was private they didn't ask for a ban, thus solidifying my claim that he banned me over his personal feelings that have been injured by me drawing parallels between having low testosterone, and choosing Nintendo Switch as your gaming platform.

  6. He was the primary defender of @she, who got kicked out of the v/askvoat mod team by admins for deleting posts from user who forgot to put a question mark at the end of the thread title. Defense of that says a lot about kadynce. He is likely one of those redditors that mods 150 subverses.


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Kadynce's Reddit profile looks like a basic account that was purely used to talk about character builds in the video game Tom Clancy's The Division, and hasn't been active in almost a full year.

I suspect that it is an old-and-abandoned alt account. I wouldn't be surprised if this "moderator" mainly uses another account both on Reddit and on Voat (likely sharing the same name, like HenryCorp and his Reddit shill-mod account), where they can more openly act like the "powermad moderator" they actually are.


[–] ExpertShitposter 6 points 4 points (+10|-6) ago 

Probably just secured his voat name on reddit, mad a few posts so his account doesn't get purged by some mop-up code. In reality is a power mod with 150 subs.


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At least you've lived up to your name.

[–] [deleted] 6 points 3 points (+9|-6) ago 



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We are the ones always screaming no one should have any mod powers.


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Maybe i'm asking a dumb question, but... how do you know it's a he?


[–] ExpertShitposter 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago  (edited ago)

I assumed its a male faggot yesterday. Today i know its a she. Unless its a tranny.


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No this should not be allowed, if you want a modded gaming subverse you are free to make one.

@system subs are for free speech.

The price of controlling a community on Voat is a creative name and that is IMO enough to keep the site free.

@Kadynce should reverse the actions and refrain from continuing this behavior in the future.



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No don't like isn't a good enough reason. If they are shitty posts that no one likes downvoat it into the ground.


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@kadynce Don't be a bitch, cunt!


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More and more I feel like all default subs shouldn't be allowed to have mods at all. All they ever do is violate free speech.


[–] ExpertShitposter 6 points 4 points (+10|-6) ago 

They are jealous of our hi tech standoff ordnance. They will never have such technology.



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What a fucking sad triggered mod. Control beta profile match.


[–] wtfeva 4 points 22 points (+26|-4) ago 

Oh, fuck that bullshit. You know thats fucking gay. If there are going to be bans on posts other than spam, then a sub shouldn't be a default. Faggotry isn't spam.

Hell, I'm betting Kaydence is really that fucktard Mobbed who went and cried bitch and then when I tried to go and see what was wrong just looked like they must've gotten goddamned credits per everytime they mentioned their faggotass game of choice. They (or their buddy) downvoated me each time and claimed that I was SBBH or some shit like that because I've talked to people or belong to a sub.

I really am just guessing because I'm pissed off at gaming lamery and going to re-unsubscribe because it sucks dick, like @Expertshitposter


[–] ExpertShitposter 11 points 10 points (+21|-11) ago  (edited ago)

Kay is likely linked to the rPV redditos who like to start shit like this here while admitting to spending most of their time on reddit because it "has more content", while calling everyone they don't like reddit SRS. Actually mental illness caused by alcoholism, pot and soy.

Also check my reply in this thread. Also, you smoke meat poles.


[–] wtfeva 4 points 5 points (+9|-4) ago 

So maybe Mobbed is Kaykay and is a crying little bitch. They sure as hell kept bringing up SBBWHATEVER which I'm obviously the owner of and jack off too while crying myself to sleep.

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