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I don't because I'm not a faggot.

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Because I made an apple account many years ago when I was all about the music platform, yeah Spotify exists now but early ipod/itunes matchup was seamless and unparalleled. Got an ipod touch and then an iphone years later. I know Apple is a data miner and an overcharged status symbol, But at this stage they have everything of mine they could want. And as much as I hate apple I am terrified of google's increasingly long reach and microsoft's complete refusal to acknowledge its own consumers. I'm planning on moving to an ubuntu phone when they're available.

TL;DR I don't like Apple but I like the alternatives even less.

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You could use Linux for privacy/security.

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I use linux for my computer, only apple product I use is an iphone. I used a flipphone for a while but it's just too cumbersome.

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I buy them used. A 2012 Mac mini still has good specs for a media server, especially with a SSD and extra ram that bring the cost up to $400. A $50 iPhone 4s is good enough for a computer to carry around everywhere, and a $200 used iPad is good for shitposting from my recliner.

I buy my cars used, too. If you're willing to look around, you can pick up a 1/3 worn out car for 1/3 of the new price. Drive it until it's 2/3 worn out, and still sell it for 1/6 the price of new. Total depreciation for 80-100k miles of driving, about 4 cents a mile, versus 20 cents per mile for the first 80-100k, and without most of the maintenance costs of the last 1/3 of a vehicle's life.

You can have the best of both worlds if you let the lemmings take the majority of depreciation hits.

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I like buying used computer components on eBay to save money. I even bought a used laptop that had some minor issues (it needed a hard drive and a keyboard) and fixed it up myself. I bought it for 1/2 of what it's worth in working order and like 1/4 of what it's worth new. Maybe I should make a business out of fixing and flipping those kinds of laptops?

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It was a gift and all my other computers are either in disrepair or too slow to be useful.

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I used to buy them but the latest hardware is not what I need. Or the Mac Pro is just to dam expensive. Laptops, I will still buy. I have a hackintosh at home and at previous job too which Apple reps commented on — didn’t even hide it and used it to bitch to them.

I like OSX. It works, it’s clean. And there is everything I need for it. Besides some of Ms products are finally moving to it, too.

I was on Android for a year. Bought a used iPhone 6s Plus and wow! The OS is sweet and YouTube can recognize when I speak Japanese. Android was ok, just didn’t like it and I’m glad to be away from google.

Windows ... man do I hate that OS. The only good thing about is the window button location but it still can’t remember my window locations or which monitor it was on.

VSTS is nice! Rocks! Excel is good.

Linux ... just a complete pain in the ass and half ass implementation on most hardware. It blows worse than Windows. After all these years the themes either copy OS X or Windows ... fuck them!

Apt-get? Yeah so? Brew install bitch!

But I can tweak Linux! Yeah ... and spend more time than finding out how to get the right driver for windows! (Gotta admit it ain’t so bad anymore).

Apple hardware is expensive but when you go for point by point it’s comparable and has good resale. Like having an Intel chip instead of amd in your custom build. Desktop Mac Pro is expensive so that is a lose on apples part but go try buy a used one ... a 2013 spec machine is still 2k! Only 1k loss over 4 years.

Custom hardware will always win but ... is it?