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I think the difference is a lot of voaters don't care IF he said it and just think it's funny that the media is pushing that comment as a bad thing. Those countries ARE shitholes.

The media pushing the story that he said it is an attempt to undermine him and get soy outrage directed at him again.
They're so out of touch that they don't realize a lot of people actually agree with the statement that may or may not have been said.

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Exactly! Either President said it and it's funny and true. Or the media made it up to feign outrage. The latter is funnier because it just shows how out of touch the media is. Starting now, I'm referring to the media as shithole media.

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MSM fabrications aren't that funny to me. A real leak would be funny, cuz it means he triggered some immigration official really hard

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Shit Stream Media.

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The media is pushing "he said non-white countries are shitholes"(because they're non-white), which is not something most people agree with.

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And it isn't like the MSM means the same thing when they say "fly-over country".

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Honestly, he probably did say it. There is no proof, but Trump doesn't really have a filter.

That being said, i doubt 99% of Americans would disagree those countries are shitholes. The MSM is virtue signalling hard because they know it's true.

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Some one needs to combine the Frog, Orcs, CNN, Tyrone, Dragonball and Netflix Gorillia and Kekistan into one epic media mockery meme

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Frog. Orc. CNN. Tyrone. Gorilla.

By your powers combined I am Captain Shithole.

Okay, that was bad.

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That's a completely unacceptable viewpoint. Just because "you think they would" does not mean that they actually did. What you're doing is essentially saying that Trump committed a thought crime, which is... well... completely unacceptable lol.

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Words ain't crimes, nigga. Welcome to America.

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Regardless of whether he said it or not, I’ve met countless people, rich, poor, or somewhere in between, and they have all said something of the same as to why they voted for him. 1. He’s not of them, he’s a business man. And 2. (They) votes for him BECAUSE of his off the cuff comments. For being a billionaire in a glass and gold tower, trump really does have a good connection with his voter base. BUT! If he fucking folds to this DACA bullshit, it will be the ultimate betrayal. I want the fucking wall. I don’t care if it “traps me” in my own country. This is my god damn country and too many limbs on my family tree have been cut short for this place to turn into a shithole.

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Everybody insist on a wall but really a fucking fence with automated 50 cal machine guns is much cheaper and much more efficient

Anyone trying to enter illegally gets shot on sight the end

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How are we going to MAGA with that though. What we need is a wall bigger amd grander than the Great Wall of China in it's original state. You can place machine guns on the turrets of that.

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I haven't seen anyone who thinks he said it. Doesn't mean it it's hilarious. It's like all the Gorilla Channel. No one actually thinks he watches it, or it exists, but it's fun to meme and laugh at the people who do believe it.

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(((Narrators))) gonna narrate

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I, for one, wish he DID say it. It's the truth. They ARE shit hole countries. It just goes to show you how popular truth is.

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Whether he said it or not, the media reporting it made everyone agree with the statement.

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Except those that wanted amnesty. Because this killed it...maybe.

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Let's hope.

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The media feeding the happy sheep

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