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Only ever had this happen once. Lost a bracelet in a hotel in LA. Staff were spics.

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Always lock valuables away in a hotel room. I never trust a safe either, could be compromised.

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What do you suggest locking them in then?

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I spend a bit more to get solid travel luggage, none of that flimsy plastic junk. I use padlocks on them. Sure they could just take the whole damn case but at least that's easier to fight. I also assume that I could lose my luggage -every time- I go out, so I always carry what I need to get out of the country on me.

I'm also thinking of getting "tile" of something similar to track my important stuff. There might be a tracker out there that sends a mobile alarm if something moves out of a location.

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of course it was an employee.

the employee has had complaints made about them to management before or are aware that its a repeated issue in their hotel. they have seen on that footage something that THEY are liable for which is why they flatly refuse to even humor you for a minute. This to me smacks of trying to dodge a liability for something, not necessarily what happened to your mate.

unsure about US but at least in Victoria the Police DO NOT get to decide whether you get footage from CCTV or not, they can ask nicely, but if the owner of the system tells them to fuck off and get a subpoena then thats whats gotta happen. Subpoenas and summonses come from judges. Hell they can even threaten but thats when you double down and tell them to get the fuck off your property and come back when they want to behave themselves and do their fucking job properly.

Ive denied requests from cops and they almost always accept the explanation 'Mate, ive looked and i cannot see ANYTHING on there.' if the issue is serious enough or think im involved, theyll ask if they can come around and have a look themselves. I have no issue there.

Having run those systems, if someone asks me for the footage, im gonna ask them what for.If its a reasonable request for something that has happened and it does not invade other peoples privacy or lead to a further crime, ill freely hand over that footage. Ive had PLENTY of reasons to tell people to fuck off before tho. If its a retarded thing to ask, or there is literally no evidence of the act happening that you claim happened, then im not going to waste a second of my time burning shit to DVD. Im also not going to respond to 'Oh well try the day before. Oh well try a couple of hours before.' - no, you fuck. You give me the time you DID your stuff last, then you give the the time you realised it was gone. 'oh yeah it was um.... i think.... 4 weeks ago.... and then um....' - no. subpoena me, ill call in a staff member to cover my job while i go through this fucking shit, i will then ask to be added to the official witness list for the court case, and you will pay for their wage via the courts. 'Right. I PUT THEM IN MY ROOM AT 4PM on X/X/X i came back at 4PM the next day it was gone' - Bang, im on that shit trying to solve your mystery with solid times to work on. I find it, youll get it. I dont, you get no footage. But trust me most people that operate those systems fucking love getting to the bottom of a mystery, provided its not some retardedly long period of time youre looking at. And if someone is straight up 'nup, nup, nup' for no good reason its a good bet youll find what you want on it but it will show the business is liable somehow.

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Apparently their room didn't come with a safe. Odd part about that too is that usually the maintenance guy or whoever is in charge of codes/cards know the default safe code in case someone was to lock themselves out of it. But yeah I don't see why they wouldn't give out footage. I'll let my friend know about the subpoena tho. That might really help.

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sounds to me like they know exactly whats going on and its gonna open up a can of worms which is why they wont do it.

but i cant speak for all. im not in the hotel industry, im private security/building management, and i cant fucking stand dodgy cunts on my site. especially not when its employees or site 'vips' im not a dodgy cunt and i wont stand behind people that are.

of course im constantly looking for new jobs every 6 months because the fucking favours not returned and honest people in my job get shat on a lot.

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Came here to say this.

I always have a look at the staff before I check in. Niggers, and spics? Find a different hotel.