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Call the 911 to verify if the assault team is police or not.

Do not let the assaulters in or talk to them.

Have a loaded semi-automatic rifle ready to repel attacks (rifles go through bulletproof vests).

Follow instructions of the 911 operator, who will get in touch and coordinate with the assault team, if they are real.

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Assuming they don't kick down your door and shoot your dog in front of your kids before you can get to your phone or gun.

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True stuff. Up your security so you know they're coming!

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You are joking right?

If you suspect a false op with a group pretending to be swat, you fucking shoot them in their face or fucking hide.

Any group of 10 there is a good chance they can triangulate signals, and there is a good chance they are not taking any risk of getting caught.

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Take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

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Shoot first.

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Bomb shelter and call the police?

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They won’t, dont worry about it.