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Gibs, plain and simple.

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Also, the lie that is "the american dream" being something for non americans.

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What the 'American Dream' should be: Doing better for your kids than you did for yourself, and then that tradition keeps going.

What the 'American Dream' actually is: Working til death to pay for illegals and lay-abouts while your kids are replaced by sub-80IQ 'immigrants'.

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There are white people for them to rape here. There are only gorilla sheboons where they come from

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That's actually a valid point. I have to go sit down for a bit.

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Good, then they can leave.

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All these dipshits attacking Trump for what he said is always how they deflect from the real issue which is niggers destroy any country they run.

They always attack the messenger and disregard the message.

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Very much agree. Gasp he is being mean! He isn't politically correct! I just want to go to CNN and put all of the men on TRT. Look at the real issues cucks. What if we focused on why he said they were shitholes instead of wasting everybody's time talking about that big bad word he used. Pussies.

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They’re shitheads. also their countries are shitholes

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Hard to tell.)

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Their countries suck and they know it. They either don't want to improve the said countries or their 'countrymen' are preventing them from doing this.

The laws of physics work the same where everywhere on the globe. They can have nice things and be cool, they just have to work for it.

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They are after the cash they get once they arrive. We need a policy where you lose a hand if you cross illegally, but if you do it a second time you are killed. This policy would instantly make people strop entering illegally.

This combined with policies that only allow European immigration, will in turn fix a few issues. Once that is complete then we need the white women to start having children. Which is an easy solution to fix.

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How about it just costs $10,000 to enter, and you get it back after 7 years if you stay and are employed and don't break the law.

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