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The US will be in a recession because economic cycles. Democrats will be in power because Americans don't understand economic cycles. At least one major disease will be eliminated entirely. 90% of humanity will be online. You will have pooped 3,650 more times. THAT'S OVER 9,000 POUNDS OF POO! Air taxis will be a thing, although you won't have had the experience yet. Fusion power will be 5 years closer to happening. Musk will have landed something on the surface of Mars. 5% of Americans will have a job no one has invented yet. Ray Kurzweil will be on his deathbed. Voat will be circlejerking about Trump's legacy. Your computer will be four times as fast. Computers will be able to speak as well as a human and will be close to emulating any human voice. You still won't see your robotic companion as relatable, but it will be a lot closer. Only a few holdouts will still be saying strong AI is impossible. China will have announced itself as a global superpower. Japan will have a stronger military. ISIS will be completely gone. Three major metropolises will offer broadband internet service to anyone within their borders. Global climate destabilization will continue apace and politicians will be debating technological methods for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. More people than ever before will be living entirely on the largess of the state.

There will have been no worldwide economic catastrophe.

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I think that a lot of valued institutions in Europe are being held together by the goodwill of the employees. In the UK, for example, the NHS (National Health Service), public education and policing are still there and much loved by the people. (There is a whole list of important other services too, like prison, courts, and a lot of others.) Unfortunately, these institutions have not been well supported by either the government or by society. (Peoples' behaviour is not what it used to be.)

These services keep on going, flying on fumes, the goodwill of the employees. That is possible for a while. Older employees have the institutional memory to recall how great those places once were. These older employees are resigning or retiring. The shortfalls that have been inflicted by successive governments have been made up by goodwill, so it seems like the the cuts actually were effective. Soon, in 10 years, all that goodwill will disappear.

What used to function, will grind to a halt. People will lose confidence in these organs and probably turn to "other solutions". That is unfortunate but inevitable, I begin to feel. There will be widespread withdrawl from society, and social cohesion will be far less. Various groups in society will become fractious. As the expectation of support from authorities declines, some will exploit this, committing crime.

It doesn't look good, I am sorry to say.

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Insha'KEKU I'll have a new passport with a green cover that says "Atlantic Republic of New England and New York" on it.

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[insert any ethnicity/religion]-only neighborhoods/buildings will be maintained out of self defense, and by guerilla volunteer security, for many, if not all groups within areas of the west, where racial turnover is set to happen

this will be done because government complicity will have made their help unusable. different groups and neighborhoods will have to form their own safety nets

this has happened before in real life, in south America, in areas where the cops are more corrupt then citizen militias

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It will be awesome cuz were all gunna make it breh.

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I’m going to make it.. I don’t know about all my fat neighbors though.