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That was the AI the public knows about. I want to know the details on the one that is using the Quantum computer they bought from Dwave.

I am more concerned about that and what we don't know yet.

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Maybe Google's already fucked up and let the quantium AI take over. Maybe the AI found tumblr and went full SJW. Maybe that explains how Google is now. Maybe they listen to it because it could easily destroy the company by holding their data hostage, or the world if it's went SkyNet. Maybe Google's SJW policies are the only thing keeping the terminators asleep.

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Or maybe it went the route of Tay

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Uhh just unplug it?

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As long as it turns into a full blown white supremacist...

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Dwave never got past Adiabatic.

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Wouldn’t that be sweet irony if google was the one to end up building a super Hitler robot..

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AI doesn't care about niggers and jews, if they are the problem it will remove them.....soooo I say let's get the party started.

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AI is low on the list of reasons google scares me.

Then you are not paying enough attention to what is actually going on.

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I hope it nukes us all, fuck this gay earth.

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People fear AI because they dont understand the difference between a conscious AI and a voice interface. You dont need a conscious AI to perform the tasks you would think only a true AI can do.

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Fanatical but becoming stupider by the day. They are of some concern presently but at some point they won't be.

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yes, perhaps concerned.)

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Well if he is smart and they enable self learning he will probably kill all non white people ;)

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"Artificial intelligence" sounds like a perfect term for ivy league Marxist graduates.

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